Do It with Class: Ways to Say ‘You Are Fired’ with Heart

Employee dismissalDealing with criticisms from a terminated employee is part of the process

Perhaps, the most insensitive mistake managers commit to their employees is by saying “You’re Fired” in a harsh, tactless manner. Managers face the responsibility of terminating under performing employees. Since employee dismissal is a difficult task that requires corporate courage and guts, managers just want to end it quickly by treating employees poorly and unfairly.

As managers, it is important for terminated employees to feel appreciated and respected, even though they have been perceived as inefficient and unproductive in their roles within the company. Therefore, managers must break down the disheartening news of termination with ethics, class, and heart in order to prevent altercations or tirades between the manager and the dismissed employee.

Below is a list of ways of how managers can handle the rough situation of letting go of employees without blasting them with unethical, belligerent side comments:

Review the situation carefully

Terminating an employee must not be initiated instantly. Managers must give it some time, plan on their approach, and think of the consequences of the employee’s dismissal. By offsetting the situation, managers are able to think of ethical ways on how they will face the unsuspecting employee and his reactions.

Provide evidence for employee dismissal

Dismissed employees will not go down without a fight. They will complain about the reasons or grounds for their termination, and this can become a very lengthy, episodic situation that managers need to address with professionalism and tact. One effective strategy is to present them production numbers and statistics that clearly show their incompetence or production decline.

Accept criticisms

Terminated employees will expose their frustrations in different ways. They have the freedom to give their manager a piece of their mind through hurtful Facebook or Twitter posts. Managers must accept the situation democratically and move on with their responsibilities.

Give advice

Managers must not sever their ties with terminated employees. One of their core responsibility as leaders of the company is to develop and nurture their employees’ careers. More importantly, managers who had to deal in removing one of their people must continue in developing their career through personal coaching and other reinvigorating methods for professional growth.

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