What Executives Must Look for in a Professional Resume Writer

Executives Professional Resume Writer

Searching for executive posts is beyond the normal job hunt for most applicants. Thus, you’ll need a professional resume writer if you aspire to leave a strong impact in your field, conquer your next leadership post, or plan to change careers. Hence, with the hundreds of “certified” resume writing services available, how can you tell and choose which among them is the finest?

How to Rate a Professional Resume Writer

Resume writers and services differ from each other. Below are tips on how you can choose which top rated resume writing services will best highlight your work experience and qualifications.

1. Delivers no less than a resume writing service
As an executive, never compromise quality over money. Although many clerical offices can write your copy for a much cheaper rate, they can’t match what an expert resume writer can do. In contrast, aside from a well-written resume, the latter can sell you as the ideal candidate. In the same way, he/she knows the latest trends and buzzwords. An expert resume writer can always guide and offer you advice in your job search.

2. Understands your industry
Many believe a resume writer excels at writing everything. While a jack-of-all-trades can sometimes be helpful, a master-of-nothing in resume writing can pose a red flag or a problem. Then, for non-resume writers, every resume may look similar. In reality, though, each industry needs to have unique jargons, style, and form. Thus, to increase your chances of getting that elusive promotion, hire a professional writer who specializes in your field.

3. Shows skill in using the English language
A real expert resume writer has flair for both language and writing. In addition, he/she isn’t only good at constructing and arranging sentences, but he/she can even attract readers with his/her product. Further, every word counts in a resume. Hence, the qualifications you should seek in a writer are his/her ability to compose simple but appealing statements.

4. Earns the trust of satisfied customers
One best way to tell an effective resume writer is through referrals of former customers. They can come from pleased clients, recruiters, consultants, and human resources manager. Then again, asking for references is fine. With the time and money you’ll spend, other people’s testimonials will help you make the wisest choice.

5. Offers a fair price and inclusions
As with other services, you must ask for the rate and the inclusions first before you hand over your hard-earned money to the company. In particular, most executive resumes range from $500 to $1,600. Besides, many writers give conditional guarantees such as free rewrites and partial to full refunds. Otherwise, if you have no contract, save the screenshots and print the pages of their website, including those that show the price and list of product/service inclusions.

6. Shows samples of resumes
An expert resume writer should show you samples targeted to your desired position or industry. Besides checking their content, you should examine the production values. In addition, keep an eye on the marketing techniques and choose someone who can put together a strong branding for his/her clients.

7. Follows a scientific approach
Resume writing can be scientific, too, in strength and weakness analyses. Hire someone who researches on your profile first followed by an interactive session. In such a way, your resume writer will get to know you deeper and can write a resume that fits and mirrors your whole personality.

8. Acts as a marketing agent
Hire a professional resume writer who understands and applies the principles of career marketing. In particular, much like a marketer that sways buyers, he or she must present your strengths to convince your employer to promote you from your current post.

Your Effort Counts Much

Without your efforts, creating an executive resume can be hard even for a professional resume writer. Unlike other services, resume writing asks for your time, effort, and participation. In addition, you must answer your writer’s questions in a well-timed manner if you want to get an effective resume on time. If not through personal means, a session via video or telephone call is always better than sending an e-mail.

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