6 Easy Steps to Becoming Confident for an Interview

attire: job interview preparation tipsBeing anxious during a job interview is normal, but part of performing well is not letting your angst show. Your goal is to make the best first impression. You should appear confident to the interviewer(s). If you show you lack confidence, they may not consider you as a serious candidate for the job.

Never let your nerves get the best of you! Here are six easy job interview preparation tips to building your confidence for the big day.

Step #1: Seek information on the company.

One great way to be confident during an interview is by knowing important facts on the company you wish to join and the job post it offers. Show that you are familiar with the firm’s future goals for the position it offers and you will be impressive.

Step #2: Prepare and rehearse your answers.

Read our article Top Questions to Anticipate During a Job Interview and rehearse answering the standard interview questions aloud. This can help you become relaxed and confident during the actual talk.

Step #3: Practice power posing.

“Power posing”, or standing in a posture of confidence even when you don’t feel confident, affects your brain’s testosterone and cortisol levels that makes you confident. Spend a few minutes spreading your arms and walking tall to build a sense of assurance.

Step #4: Do breathing exercises.

The evening before the interview, sit in a dim room and practice 7/11 breathing. Breathe in bit by bit to the count of seven, and then breathe out gently to the count of 11. Continue with this rhythm of in-breaths and out-breaths until your breathing becomes more relaxed and steady.

Step #5: Choose the right clothes to wear.

Wear something comfortable. Discomfort with your outfit may suggest you lack confidence answering the interview questions. Read Grooming and Beauty Tips That are Job Interview Appropriate.

Step #6: Know everything in your resume.

Get a sticky note and sum up the notable skills in your resume. If you have MS Excel as your technical acumen, make sure you refresh on formulas and recall the last time you used Excel to complete a task.

The job interview allows you to show your personality and prove you are a good fit for the team. Have confidence in yourself and believe you are capable of landing this job.

Browse through our pages for resume samples and more job interview tips.

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