When and How Should a Job Seeker Hire a Resume Writing Service?

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female applicant hires a resume writing service on timeWhether you’re a new graduate searching for your first job or someone who plans to change careers, you need a well-written resume that highlights your strengths and accomplishments. Sad to say, though, not everyone can write an application tool. Hence, many job hopefuls today hire a resume writing service.

A resume writing service firm employs skilled writers adept at various industry standards that enable them to create an excellent job application tool for clients. Resume writing companies offer several services to their clients. These include:

  • Writing resumes, curricula vitae; LinkedIn profiles; cover, follow-up, and thank-you letters; and other tools;
  • Editing job application tools; and
  • Submitting application papers to potential employers.


When to Hire a Resume Writing Service

Now that you’ve learned how a resume writing service helps job seekers, it’s time to know if you need one.

  • Do employers invite you for an interview? Maybe you can write your own resume that’s why hiring a writing service is not a choice for you. Yet for someone who has the skills and still struggles to get an interview, hiring a resume writing service will be a perfect investment.
  • Is it hard for you to speak about yourself? If it’s hard for you to share details on yourself, much less write them on paper, you might need an expert to help you through the course. Don’t be ashamed in hiring one’s help to complete your application document. If writing about yourself is tough, then don’t think twice about hiring a writing service to do the task for you.
  • Can you write your resume? If you’re an accountant and dollars and cents are your game, a resume writer can solve your problem. He or she can tell what you need to include in your resume and put everything together.
  • Do you have the time to write your resume? If you’re too busy to write your job tool, a resume writing service might be ideal for you.
  • Can you afford it? As a new graduate, you may not have plenty of extra cash to hire the services of a resume writer. It can cost around $100 or higher.


How to Find the Best Writing Service

When searching for the best writing service, check first its writers’ profiles and contact its support team to ask for details on their qualifications. Hire one with an experience in the industry you’re targeting. Most writing firms feature sample resumes on their websites to show the work quality of their writers; thus, inspect them before you place your order.

Price is another issue you should consider. Resumes vary in cost among writing companies, but you can get a well-written tool for $100.

Last, communicate with your writer as much as possible. Resume writing firms conduct phone interviews before they work on your order; hence, make sure you give them enough details and tell them what you expect.

Have you hired a resume writing service? How was the experience? If you haven’t hired one yet, what’s your idea on getting one? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section. For more career tips and interesting blogs, visit this page.

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