How to Get Along With Your Co-Workers if You’re a New Employee

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Get Along With Your Co-WorkersInteresting ways to fire up one’s career through office interaction

Newly-hired employees sometimes find it difficult to acclimatize inside the workplace. The new working environment and fresh set of faces make it even harder for employees who got to appreciate the office they have invested time and energy for at least a year or so. Adjusting to new office cultures can sometimes affect an individual’s career because of interaction issues.

According to a study by Russell F. Korte, an estimated 65% of what employees learn directly comes from their co-workers, while an unsurprising 15% resonates from department supervisors and managers. The study simply suggests that co-workers are very important pieces of the puzzle, which can fill in organizational gaps whenever newly-hires stumble upon such.

Korte added that many employees succeed in performing daily tasks, but fail to fit in a particular political or cultural group. Generally, the workplace is home to cliques that resemble high school or college groups having the same network of interests. Newly-hired employees face the challenging gesture of finding the right social collective that will treat them professionally inside the workplace and casually but with substance outside the office.

Here are just five powerful ways for new employees to foster strong, unbreakable bonds with co-workers:

  • Do not skip the introduction phase

After being officially hired by the HR officer, newly-hires often skip casual introductions made to different employees working in different cubicles and accounts. Dodging simple welcome notes and waves may backfire on you, for employees may think that you are not interested in expanding your professional or social contacts.

Allow the HR officer to introduce you to your co-workers and concede with the fact that those people will become your trusted allies when you experience measurable difficulties at work.

  • Invite someone out for lunch or coffee break

Establish your rapport inside the office by asking someone out for lunch, or join an already solid group who you can share your interests to. Being comfortable and relaxed are two important keynotes of becoming a productive employee, which can be achieved through constant and professional interaction with co-workers.

  • Cooperate during team building activities

Team building activities have been misinterpreted as similar to a field trip or an excursion built on the flimsies of buying souvenirs and T-shirts. Actually, team building provides an opportunity for employees to get to know each other, while participating in different core activities that increase participation and social connectivity among co-workers.

  • Don’t absorb the problem. Try to solve it.

Do not become “the self-absorbing napkin” who only lends an ear to bothered co-workers plagued with different personal and professional problems. Become that person who solves problems, rather than tacitly hearing them out without rendering any sort of help.