Acing Your Job Application with a Powerful Resume

Powerful ResumeHave just finished school? Currently laid off or have just decided to get back on your career track? Whatever your reason might be for seeking a new job, you’re not alone. Recent studies indicate that job hunters are now more engaged on seeking for better careers. The flourishing economy has opened doors for new jobs and better career opportunities.

However, no matter how prolific the job vacancies may be, the competition is still tough. As such, job seekers should be more persistent and determined in their job search. Furthermore, a competitive edge must be secured in order to increase an applicant’s chance of obtaining an interview.

So how do you get a better edge against other applicants? Initially, a powerful resume is your first weapon in ensuring that you get your foot in that door. Creating a powerful resume should not be a drag. With the right knowledge and idea, you’ll be able to create resume that gathers results. Here’s how:

1. Ensure that you know “what” you want

Initially, you need to have an idea on what job and company you’ve wanted to be in. A lot of applicants usually have the slightest idea on what task or job that they wanted to be in. That’s where the problem arises.

Since applicants have a vague idea on what position they are pursuing, they tend to create a generic resume that focuses on a number of positions. As such, this type of document barely gathers any attention or interest.

2. Focus your resume on one position

The worst that you can do is to create a resume that fits all types of job. Since a generic resume will likely encompass a number of areas and is not that field-specific, it will barely highlight the skills and competencies targeted to that particular position.

Moreover, your resume will have lower resume database visibility since it is very unlikely that it will contain a set of keywords relevant to your target field.

3. Include keywords and field-specific skills in your resume

Apart from giving hiring managers idea that you have the certain “know-how” in the field, you are also increasing the visibility of your resume in the company’s resume database. Remember that the number of companies using resume database in filing and sorting resumes are increasing. As such, your resume needs to cater to that need.

4. Proofread your resume

There’s no better way of ensuring the accuracy of your document than proofreading. Check your resume for any grammatical lapses or typographical errors. Further, you also need to keep an eye on the format and structure that you give to your resume.

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