7 Funny Prank Ideas to Counter Office Boredom

Boredom and treason at work. Man and woman turned away from each other and look at smartphones in

Are you looking for a few funny prank ideas to combat your tedious routine at work? Check out these silly but harmless pranks from Resume 4 Dummies to fire up your monotonous day in the office.

1. The Fashion Show

funny prank ideas: fashion show karlie kloss


Mess with your co-worker’s head by bringing in several outfits and changing your clothes every 30 minutes. When he/she ask what’s up, give him/her one of those “What’s wrong with you?” looks then change your clothes again.

2. The Granny Bloomers

granny panties for funny prank ideas


Exploit the fear of exposing one’s undies! Find a pair of old granny bloomers, tear a few holes in them, write your co-worker’s name, and then leave them on the bathroom floor.

3. Oh! Reo

oreo toothpaste for funny prank ideas


Buy a pack of Oreo, separate the two chocolate cookies carefully, and scrape off the white cream filling. Squirt a dab of white mint toothpaste on both cookies (the part where you remove the cream filling). Put the cookies you “prepared” in a tray and put it on a table where everyone can see it.

4. The Best Water Ever

tonic water prank for funny prank ideas


This is one of the funny prank ideas every worker will enjoy! Take an empty water container, pour some wine, and put it back in the cooler. If your coworkers are nondrinkers, try tonic water.

5. Ghost Typing

ghost typing prank for funny prank ideas


Drive the person in the next cubicle crazy by writing or rewriting whatever he/she is working on without him/her knowing who’s doing it! Thread your keyboard wire under the cubicle wall and plug it into your victim’s computer tower. When you hear him/her type, you can start typing, too. Keep it simple at first, making him/her delete and backspace a few times, then go for it.


6. The Upside Down Glass of Water

upside down drink for funny prank ideas in the office


Beware: this is one of the funny prank ideas that can get messy! Fill a glass with water and place a thin piece of cardboard over the lip of the glass. Turn it over, place it in the middle of your target’s desk, and slowly remove the cardboard.

Note: Be a nice trickster and keep your co-worker’s papers and valuables away from the incoming tsunami.

7. No-Prank Prank

No prank prank for funny prank ideas


Worst prank of all? Not pulling off a prank! Just leave some cryptic notes warning your officemate that something is coming. Every so often, cast a furtive eye toward him/her and smirk slightly. It’ll sure drive him/her nuts!

Other Funny Prank Ideas:

  • Put a piece of paper under the laser of your officemate’s computer mouse so it won’t work.
  • Swap two keys on someone’s keyboard! The N and M keys work particularly well for this.
  • Take a screenshot of your officemate’s computer desktop, set it as his/her wallpaper, and delete all his/her shortcut icons on the desktop.
  • Besides the Oreo prank, you can bring an office “snack” such as caramel-covered white onions and chocolate-covered tuna balls.
  • Sit at your desk and make sounds using your fax or modem. If someone asks what you’re doing, tell him/her you’re practicing for your promotion to the Xerox room.
  • Ask your co-workers a few mysterious questions and write their answers in a notepad. Mumble something about “psychological profiles.”
  • Wrap every item at your co-worker’s desk in foil!

Do you have other funny prank ideas to add to the list? Share them with Resume 4 Dummies by commenting below! Browse through our website for more interesting write-ups!


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