Strategic Ways Not to Get Promoted

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Strategic WaysIf you do not want to be promoted in your current job or career, here are things that you can do:

  • Do not make any plans at all for the day at work
  • Focus and perform only the tasks and responsibilities you are being paid for
  • Stop learning new skills and be content with your level of awareness
  • Take credits as your own and do not share it with your team

Otherwise, consider the following tips:

Work as a team

Most of the work is carried out by groups or teams, thus, it is necessary for anyone who wants a promotion to be a team player. This helps boost not only your reputation, but also your value to the organization. Being a team player means sharing the successes with the entire team, and avoiding blaming a particular person where something goes wrong.

Get a mentor

Mentors or mentoring relationships are a great way to acquire career information and guidance. In fact, they play a significant role in many jobs or career promotions. A person who has a higher position in the company may be able to say good things about someone.

Your milestone

Promotion can also be acquired through demonstrating detailed information about previous accomplishments and achievements, as well as its accompanying results. Record everything that demonstrated your creativity and uniqueness, as well as your commitment and loyalty to your employer or company.


You should always act professionally by being cooperative, dependable, and smart. This includes the following:

  • Being unique from the rest of the group
  • Being known to many people within your industry
  • Being positive in approach to every situation
  • Asking questions when something is not clear
  • Dressing up neatly even on casual days
  • Avoiding complaining, whining, or blaming others
  • Solving problems resolutely during difficult situations