Benefits of Recording Mock Interviews on Video

Mock Interviews on VideoHave you tried to video mock interviews? It may seem awkward but it play a significant role in ensuring that job interviews, involving an interviewer and a job candidate, are conducted successfully.

These are usually facilitated by career experts who can give some inputs on your skills and performance by pointing out your strengths as well as your weaknesses for further improvements.

Because it just takes few minutes to make a good impression during a job interview, simulations are perhaps the best way to know how to make such impression.

Video recording

With the massive use of digital technology, video recording has currently become more accessible to the general public in any situation where there is immediate need.

Why not utilize this technology to record your mock job interview on video?

Video recording can be a great way to document an actual mock interview, focusing more on non-verbal and visual signals rather than just verbal and audio signals. Videos are capable of capturing the following factors that the interviewee may not be aware of:

  • Energy and enthusiasm, including facial expression
  • Personality, including level of confidence and self-esteem
  • Voice quality
  • Attire and grooming
  • Posture, gestures, and body language

Critical review

Critical review is important in the process. After recording the mock session, the video must be played back so both the mock interviewer and the subject can watch it with an analytical mind, taking note of, and learning from, obvious mistakes and bad habits.

Do you have a soft voice or a heavy voice? Do you speak too fast or too slow? Do you pronounce your words clearly and articulately? Do you express yourself clearly? How was your accent?

Do you scratch your arms, legs, or back while talking? Where do you put your hands most of the time? How does your facial expression changes from time to time? Do you look nervous, sad, or tired?


If caught and reviewed on video, job seekers will have a chance to observe closely how they speak and act during a mock interview session. They will be able to make a good impression through self-correction. In this way, they will be able to improve their interviewing skills.

If you feel embarrassed watching yourself on a video, consider rehearsing as a preparatory measure. Practice your lines without sounding too mechanical. Then record yourself again on video to see if there are changes.

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