What Your Cube is Saying about You

Two Office Workers in Cubicles

Your boss has reminded you that the deadline of your report is due tomorrow. It would have been a breeze since you have completed it ahead of time, if not only that report is buried in your mountain of paper files.

Piles or trashes or even dishes should not be seen lingering on your desks. Clutters and other unnecessary materials haphazardly thrown on your work station is a sign of being disorganized and unprofessional. Maintaining a clean and organized cubicle should not be a drag if you know how to keep things neat and orderly.

Here are some things that you can keep in mind when tidying your workplace:

Keep your workplace clean and organized

Remember that your workplace reflects the kind of person you are and how you handle the issues and concerns around you. Further, it will be easier for you to work if your cube is manageable and clean. An organized work station can make it possible for you to locate the documents and reports that might be lost or buried in a pile of paper.

Moreover, having your place tidied up, it will be more accessible if you’re gone or on a leave. Ensure that labels and sequencing of folders are properly arranged.

Lessen the amount of stuff placed on your work area

As much as possible, store your documents in electronic formats. Toss out items that are no longer useful. Treat every inch of your workspace as an important portion of your workspace.

Don’t over decorate your cube.

Although your cube is considered as your “personal space” in a professional environment, always make it a point to keep your work area looking professional. Remember that there are also other employees that may pass by your work station so make sure that your area looks presentable.

It is understandable that you want to make your area “personal” and conducive to work in. Placing a couple of pictures of your loved ones  or some of your beloved anime or cartoon characters is okay, provided that you don’t create a “shrine” in your cube.

Create an “inviting” atmosphere in your cube

It is always a good thing to make your work area enticing to work in. In addition, you can also encourage co-workers to come to your cubicle. This can be done by leaving some space where you can place a bowl of hard candies or even chocolates. This will invite people to come to your desk to talk.

You must remember that since almost half of your life is spent at work, you need to ensure that you can endure the clutter or decorations that you have placed in there. Further, your workplace speaks about you and your professional image. Then again, cleanliness will always be viewed as a part of your daily sanitation and health decorum. After all, you don’t want to share your cube with roaches and rats, do you?

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