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Department of Justice, Civil Division
Job Announcement Number: 1
Series and Grade: GS-0905-11/15
Veteran’s Status:


Highly accomplished attorney powered by years of experience in civil law and litigation, along with established skills in case investigation, legal reasoning and all courtroom proceedings. Adaptive and flexible to new and high-pressure legal environments; displays unsurpassed ability to adapt to criminal law, government contracts, labor law, employment law, torts, and operations law.

  • Proven ability for analyzing, investigating, organizing, and litigating high-volume caseloads.
  • Displays keen eye for details in managing numerous projects while simultaneously exhibiting supervisory abilities, management capabilities, and commitment to integrity.
  • Licensed to practice in Minnesota and before the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces.


Federal Laws and Regulations
Trial Preparation and Litigation
Legal Documentation and Research
Discrimination Complaints and Allegations
Drafting and Modifying Complaints
Multimillion Dollar Case Assessment


JURIS DOCTOR, with high honors, GPA: 3.48 | 2001
Attained class ranking of 14 out of 117
DEF University Law School, Des Moines, IA 50311

GPA: 3.55 (RESIDENT); 3.43 (CUMULATIVE) | 1998
Top 15% of graduates
University of WXYZ, Eau Claire, WI 54701



Los Angeles Air Base, AFLOA JACL/LLFSC, 483 N. Aviation Blvd., El Segundo, CA 90245
Litigation Attorney – Employment and Labor Law | 2010-Present
Tel: (May be contacted)
Hours per week:

Functions as lead attorney in charge of defending the Air Force against complex discrimination lawsuits involving race, gender, age, reprisal, religion, and disability. Exclusive representative for investigation, motion-practice and litigation at four Air Force installations. Assumes full responsibility and manages own caseload before EEOC, MSPB, and FLRA.

Notable Contributions:

  • Negotiated $650 settlement when potential government liability for complaint was $300K.
  • Extensive motion practice and aggressive discovery requests prompted withdrawal of two EEOC complaints.

Ramstein Air Base, 86 AW/JA, Germany, APO, AE, 09012
Supervising Attorney – Criminal Prosecutions and Civil Law, 86th Airlift Wing | 2008-2010
Tel: (May be contacted)
Hours per week:

Served as chief prosecutor for the busiest criminal prosecution docket in Air Force; applied dynamic leadership skills in supervising 12 attorneys while prosecuting criminal cases and negotiating plea agreements. Provided support throughout entire investigation, to include charging and litigation of 3 manslaughter trials, 6-8 child sex cases, and
approximately 20 other courts-martial. Liaison with criminal investigators and coordinated all criminal investigations.

Notable Contributions:

  • Recognized by senior management as the top attorney out of 13 attorneys in the office.
  • Administered the successful prosecution of child rapist; conducted extensive investigation and identification of additional child victims, resulting in guilty plea as charged and sentence of life without parole.

Bagram Air Base, JCC-I/A, Afghanistan, APO, AE, 09354
Contracts Attorney, Joint Contracting Command | 2009
Tel: (May be contacted)
Hours per week:

Deployed to Afghanistan as a contracts attorney; responsible for reviewing Government contracts worth more than $13B. Diligently reviewed all levels of acquisition process to include solicitations, bid review and awards, and represented the DoD during contract appeals.

Notable Contributions:

  • Spearheaded the legal analysis of $3B transportation contract approved by the Undersecretary of Defense. Legal analysis lauded by 3-star general as example of exceptional legal work done on the front lines of war.
  • Strategically identified errors in a contract award for base security at an Afghan base resulting in immediate resolution of complex problem and preventing a contract appeal that could jeopardize troops’ lives.
  • Successfully implemented new method of combining contracts, leading to immediate purchase of 250 tents for 12,000 troops without housing.

OSAN AIR BASE, 51 FW/ADC, Korea, APO, AP, 96278
Defense Counsel | 2007-2008
Tel: (May be contacted)
Hours per week:

Effectively functioned as defense counsel for more than 5,000 Air Force members stationed at Osan Air Base as well as clients in Japan, Guam, and Hawaii; represented approximately 400 clients including over 10 in litigated proceedings.

Notable Contributions:

  • Recognized by supervisory attorneys as being among “Top Tier” of first-year defense litigators.
  • Received not guilty verdicts on 50% of litigated charges.

OSAN AIR BASE, 51FW/JA, Korea, APO, AP, 96278
Trial Attorney, 51st Fighter Wing | 2006-2007
Tel: (May be contacted)
Hours per week:

Acted as one of the chief prosecutors for the busiest criminal prosecution docket in the Pacific. Expertly administered the prosecution of multiple rape allegations, assaults, and larceny charges. Liaison for criminal investigators; performed diverse tasks such as investigating cases, interviewing witnesses, drafting charges, and prosecuting criminal cases.

Notable Contributions:

  • Recognized by senior management as the top attorney out of 18 Air Force attorneys on entire Korean peninsula.
  • Criminal justice expertise recognized by leadership; selected to be judge for a litigated discharge proceeding.

KEESLER AIR BASE, 81 TRW/JA, Mississippi, 39534
Staff Attorney – Torts and Legal Assistance, 81st
Training Wing | 2004-2006
Tel: (May be contacted)
Hours per week:

Executed superior management skills as Chief of Torts; directed installation recovery operations for legal office during and after Hurricane Katrina. Prosecuted crimes and provided legal advice to airmen, dependents, and retirees.

Notable Contributions:

  • Earned distinction by senior management as the top attorney out of 11 attorneys in the office.
  • Chosen by supervisor to shelter with the base commander during Hurricane Katrina, resulting in efficient and immediate execution of on-site legal advice for the beginning of recovery operations.
  • Supervised more than 50 paralegals during recovery operations; inspected 1,800 homes, 600 vehicles, and 150 storage shipments for damaged/lost property; reviewed 2,000 damage claims from service members worth $2M.


NINTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT, Judicial Clerk, Grand Rapids, MN | 2001-2003
POLK COUNTY PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE, Juvenile Justice Docket, Des Moines, IA | 2001
LATHROP & GAGE, P.C., Springfield, MO | 2000
POLK COUNTY PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE, Vehicular Homicide and Simple Misdemeanor Dockets, Des Moines, IA | 2000
WHITFIELD & EDDY, P.L.C., Des Moines, IA | 1999


Advanced Labor and Employment Law Course, Apr 2010
Air Force Trial Advocacy Course, May 2008
Marine Corps Trial Advocacy Course, May 2007
Defense Counsel Advocacy Course, May 2007
Judge Advocate Staff Officer Course, March-May 2004