Audit Associate Resume Examples

Reviewing audit associate resume examples helps you get an overview of the job you’re applying for..

Applying for an audit associate job? If you don’t know what to put and highlight on your resume, then you’ve come to the right post. Aside from providing audit associate resume examples, we listed down some tips and tricks in making your audit associate resume win you the job.

Part of the audit associate job description is to help with tasks that are related to auditing and compliance. So, in writing your audit associate resume, you must be able to show your skills like preparing audit reports and financial statements.

Now, how can you write a job-winning resume for you to land your dream job? Read on.

Effective Resume Writing Tips to Try Now

One common rule in writing an effective resume is to tailor it to your target job.

Wait, what does that mean? Enlighten yourself with these three points.

  • First, you have to check and review your target job description to get the gist of the job you’re eyeing for. Some companies have different requirements for similar job posts.
  • Second, pick relevant job duties suited to the job post and your target company. This way, you’re subtly telling the hiring managers that you’re the best fit for the job post.
  • Third, sprinkle your resume with keywords relevant to the job description and job requirements. Doing this heightens the chance of making your resume pass the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) most companies use to screen resumes.

Audit Associate Resume Examples

What’s in it for you to check out resume examples?

Well, it gives you an outline of how an audit associate resume should be.

With that, check this audit associate resume sample and see how yours should turn out.

Audit Associate Resume Example

Complete Name
Complete Address
Phone # / Cell Phone #
E-mail Address

Highly dynamic and results-oriented professional, offering broad-based experience in financial auditing, accounting processes and business operations. Technically proficient with strong command of audit software platforms and accounting terminology; demonstrate ability to effectively prioritize and manage a broad range of responsibilities. Flexible and adaptable with well-defined time management skills and well-honed interpersonal, analytical and technical aptitude. Multilingual in English, Hindi and Tamil; possess excellent written and oral communication skills.

Core competencies include:
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Auditing Procedures
  • Legal and Financial Regulation
  • Customer and Personal Service
  • IT and Software Acumen
  • Leadership and Team Building
Career Achievements
  • Successfully accomplished IT audit and accounting assignments in a timely manner, resulting in gaining trust from managers and resolving accounting issues and concerns.
  • Made major contributions through suggesting and implementing process improvements for audits.
  • Established a reputation for continuously handling increasing responsibilities by earning promotion to Senior Process Analyst at HP; earned a Silver Award for exceptional dedication to work within four months of employment.
  • Integrated aggressive drive for volunteerism and community involvement as reflected in serving as income tax assistance volunteer at DABC and accounting volunteer at DDFL.
  • Noted for going beyond the extra mile and for consistently producing exceptional and positive results.
Professional Experience

INTERNAL AUDIT INTERN | ABC Corp., | Meridian, CO | Mar 2018–Present

  • Demonstrate proficiency in conducting Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) audits.
  • Administer the execution of financial and operational audits and special projects. Provide walkthroughs and testing of assigned processes to analyze operating effectiveness and design of main financial controls.
  • Execute the entire areas of audits, such as audit planning, risk assessments, audit testing, report drafting, control evaluation and issue remediation.
  • Facilitate the execution of IT Audits. Single-handedly prepare work papers in coordination with the management for related information, and perform special projects as necessary.
  • Acquired in-depth understanding of the Audit Command Language (ACL), an audit analytical software.
Other Experience

RESEARCH ASSISTANT | TEACHING ASSISTANT, International Business Operations | 2017–2018
University of DEF | Denver, CO

XYZ Campus Library, School/Institution | Location (City, State)

XYZ Company | Location (City, State)


University of DEF | Denver, CO, USA

ABC Institute | Kolkata, India

OPQ University | Karnataka, India


Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Certification:In Progress

Six Sigma Greenbelt Training | XYZ Institute | Bangalore Centre, Karnataka, India


Member, American Society of Women Accountants (ASWA)

Member, Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA)

Student Member, Beta Alpha Psi

Technical Acumen

Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

Oracle Financials | @Risk (Risk Analysis Software)

Crystal Ball | Siebel Partner Manager | TeamMate | ACL | Oracle Tutor Document

What Makes This Sample Resume for Audit Associate Effective

Effective audit associate resume examples show you how you should write yours: direct, substantial, and professional.

Here are the 5 reasons why this resume example is job-worthy:

  • First, it has a direct profile summary filled with the right keywords;
  • Second, it listed core competencies;
  • Third, it also put a light on career achievements;
  • Fourth, it detailed professional and other experiences; and
  • Lastly, it listed credentials, affiliations, and technical acumen.

After reviewing audit associate resume examples, it’s now time for you to write your own resume. Remember, your resume need not be filled with all the beautiful words you can think of. Instead, be direct and show that you’re the best bet for the job post. Besides, your end goal is to land the job and not just impress hirers with your perfect vocabulary. Show them what you’ve got and surely, their interest in hiring you will spark.

After all, are you in dire need of professional help in writing your audit associate resume? Hire Resume4Dummies‘ best resume writers to do the job for you. See our professional resume writing services now or contact us for more details.

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