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Project Management | Programming | Database Management Systems | System Analysis, Maintenance, and Upgrades | Hardware and Software Troubleshooting | Web Application | System Architecture Design | Oracle and DB2 | WebSphere Application Server | Rational Java Development Tools and Testing Software | UML Modeling | CMM and Agile Development Process | Enterprise Java Development

Qualifications Summary

Dynamic, self-motivated, and focused professional, with extensive experience in managing, designing, developing, and implementing programs and IT solutions to streamline company operations. Comfortable at working independently within competitive settings; highly capable of applying innovative methods, procedures, and systems to identify and solve problems. Fluent in English and Chinese languages.

  • Exemplify strong skills in problem analysis, programming, and debugging.
  • Thrive in high-performance technology solution installations, successful test environments creation, and accurate technical documentation.
  • Apply dynamic project management skills to consistently deliver complex, large-scale projects on time and within budget through strategic use of multiple technologies.

Technical Proficiency

  • Languages: Java, C, Objective-C, C++, ProC, and PL/SQL
  • Platforms: Java EE, UML, EJB, JSF, JDBC, JPA, JMS, and JAX
  • Databases: Oracle, DB2, and SQL Server
  • Capability Maturity Model (CMM)
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows and Linux
  • Software Applications: IBM/Rational Software Architect, Functional Tester, Performance Tester, and AppScan | WebSphere Application Server and Sybase Enterprise Application Server | Visual Studio, HP LoadRunner, and PowerBuilder

Professional Experience

Xyz Company, Honolulu, HI
 Senior System Analyst | 2016–Present

Oversee all phases of software development projects, including the design, development, and execution of custom software for private business, non-profit organization, and state government.

  • Successfully managed and carried out State of Hawaii Juvenile Justice Information System (JJIS), a mission-critical statewide system that tracks juvenile activities.
  • Managed Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS), providing juvenile offender information to other state agencies and the federal government.
  • Worked as project manager and technical adviser, administering the development of project plan and schedule.
  • Supervised project progression by assessing and mitigating risks.
  • Tested, evaluated, and proposed recommendation of software and hardware to the clients.
  • Led and mentored client’s technical staff in software design and development.
  • Strategically created proof-of-concept web application to secure juvenile data as well as proof-of-concept test plan and scripts for rational AppScan and Functional and Performance Testers.

Wxy Company, Honolulu, HI
    Lead Software Developer | 2011–2016

Spearheaded software development lifecycle projects as a joint venture with an outsourcing company. Contributed and played a pivotal role in the CMM process development and improvements. Recruited and supervised developers while settling purchase of hardware and software for development initiatives.

  • Set up and executed the Automobile Insurance Policy Administration System, a multimillion-dollar, multiyear development project designed through J2EE to replace the legacy COBOL system.
  • Project managed the transition of Enterprise Java technologies into the organization.
  • Provided expert leadership to a team of five developers and offsite contractors.
  • Oversaw the creation of requirements for automobile insurance claims system for the integration of local claims system functionalities into the regional claims system to minimize operational cost.
  • Implemented the CGI/Ratabase as project manager, in coordination with vendors and in-house developers.
  • Served as a project manager to electronic document system development and implementation for the AIG Domestic Brokerage Group in cooperation with offsite contractors and in-house developers.

Rst Company, Honolulu, HI
    Senior System Analyst | 2010–2011

  • Utilized MS Windows applications, J2EE and .NET web applications, SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2 in creating and providing custom software integration solutions for FNIS software products to real estate professionals.

Earlier Career

Xyz Company, Honolulu, HI
    Senior System Analyst
    Senior Developer | Criminal History Record System, City, State
    Lead Analyst | Prudential Real Estate, Professional Realty Information System (PRISMS)
    Software Engineer | International Research Institute

Ijk, Inc., Honolulu, HI
    Software Engineer


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science | ABC University, Honolulu, HI

Professional Training

IBM/Rational UML Modeling | Capability Maturity Model (CMM) | Pega (Business Process Management) Fast Track and Bootcamp | Visual C++ | Sybase Application Server Administration | PowerBuilder

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