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Highly motivated, detail-oriented, and client-focused CT technologist with profound knowledge and understanding of medical computerized tomography (CT) technology and scan administration, armed with more than 25 extensive years of solid experience. Interested in pursuing a career in medical/pharmaceutical sales. Committed to rendering outstanding job performance, while ensuring timely completion of workload and assignment. Recognized for strong multitasking skill and high sense of responsibility. Equipped with outstanding clinical presentation, negotiation, and communication capabilities; expert at building top-producing relationships with customers and business partners through effective planning and strategic analysis. Highly commended and complimented for outstanding job performance.

Summary of Experience

Outstanding Patient Relations

  • Displayed outstanding client relationship with patients of diverse background
  • Exhibited full mastery and vast knowledge of medical instruments and administration procedures

Health Care Assessment and Treatment Administration

  • Checked full patient identification to ensure proposition of correct examination through verifying the physician’s order;   confirmed patients’ preparedness for the test, including monitoring metabolic status (fasting), amount drank, and proper kind of oral contrast at the correct intervals, for scans that require such preparations; conducted careful screening of patient for any drug or food allergies, current medications, and any medical problems that may contra-indicate the use of iodinated contrast material for the procedure.
  • Facilitated premedication procedures required by the radiologists for patients with history of allergic reaction to intravenous contrast, as well as with patients having diabetes medication; displayed expertise in providing and explaining instructions to patients taking special medications, indicating what to do after completion of the test.
  • Efficiently checked renal function of patients over 60 years old or any patient with diabetes, to monitor IV contrast effect on renal function; issued and explained informed consent to patient having intravenous contrast.
  • Carefully positioned the patient on the CT table for the test and started IV line as required.
  • Encoded patients’ information to the scanner; assisted the patient and set up the study employing the proper protocol for the examined area.
  • Administered IV contrast injections and scans; stayed with the patient to monitor allergic reaction and IV site for possible extravasation of contrast; and identified possible adverse or allergic reaction to treat the patient.
  • Pulled IV line after completion of the scans; advised patient to eat and drink plenty of fluids to pass the administered contrast.
  • Entered the information into the PACS system for interpretation of the images; conducted post processes; and delivered images to Nighthawk, an independent company interpreting scans after hours, for studies carried out after 11pm.
  • Constantly checked and reviewed the information system for report and relayed it to the ordering physician upon availability of a STAT study.
  • Verified acknowledgment and sign of the technologist on the computer to check extras, which are not included in the scan charge such as IV contrast; burned images to a CD for the patient requesting copy of their scan who are transferred to another facility.
  • Conducted CT simulations to aid in planning radiation treatments for cancer patients.
  • Rendered assistance to the radiation therapist in positioning the patient on the CT table in the exact position for the radiation oncology.
  • Scanned the patients and send the scans to the planning computer in the Radiation Oncology Department.
  • Supported various interventional radiology procedures, including biopsies and abscess drainages.
  • Assisted the patient to the recovery area after tests and forwarded the specimens taken to the laboratory  for analysis.

Work Chronology

Per Diem CT Technologist |Pqrst Medical Center Pottstown, PA | Jun 2017–Present
Fill-in open shifts during weekends and replace a staff when off.

CT Technologist | Mnop Hospital Norristown, PA | Dec 2016–Aug 2017
Held responsible for subtracting all anatomy except for vessels; executed 3D reconstructions utilizing an independent workstation. Assumed tasks of lead technologist, ensuring smooth operations of the department. Monitored and ordered needed supplies, maintained adequate number of staff, and resolved issues. Played an integral role in orienting newly hired employees and training radiologic technologists to become CT technologists, as well as to successfully pass the CT registry examination.

CT Technologist | Ghi Hospital Sellersville, PA | Aug 2014–Dec 2015
Selected by the lead technologist to attend applications with the nuclear medicine technologists, eventually becoming the main CT technologist to assist with PET/CT scans. Held accountable for explaining PET/CT to fellow CT technologists.

Staff / Interventional / CT Technologist | Abcd Hospital Phoenixville, PA | Jul 1999–Aug 2014
Utilized less toxic second IV contrast to get more diagnostic scan for patient with elevated renal function. Rendered support to radiologist in performing sterile techniques by functioning as second set of hands of the radiologist. Assumed full responsibility in scheduling and orienting new staff, ordering supplies, and maintaining smooth run in the facility. Actively participated in trainings for professional development. Took part on the initiation of stroke protocol at Phoenixville, as well as in the opening of the CT Department at the Limerick Outpatient Facility. Took full responsibility in setting up the scan room, ordering supplies, and preparing the facility for both state and Board of Health inspections. Provided assistance in establishing the scanning protocols under the direction of the radiologists, along with the technical factors used in scanning.

Education and Credentials

Radiologic Technology
Jkl Hospital-School of Radiologic Technology | Norristown, PA

Passer, Radiologic Technologist Examination
Certified Computerized Tomography Technologist
Certified Intravenous (IV)
Certified Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)-Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers

Professional Development

Interventional Radiology│Computerized Tomography
Pre-Handover Course for the Brilliance 16 Slice CT Scanner
Cardiac CT Angiography Training
Philips Headquarters, Cleveland, OH

Professional Affiliations

The American Society of Radiologic Technologist (ASRT)
The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT)


Participant, Relay for Life
Member-Leader, Field Hockey Booster Club: Boyertown Area Sr. High School
Fundraiser-Planner, Senior Night, End of Season Banquet, and various fundraising activities
Volunteer, Community Health Fair: by Mercy Suburban Hospital
Volunteer, Parent Helper

Technical Skills

Proficient in MS Word and Outlook
Basic Knowledge in Excel and PowerPoint
CT Scanners | HIS / RIS Systems │PACS Systems

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