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Results-driven, versatile, and relentless professional with solid background and experience in drilling maintenance, petroleum and production engineering in challenging deep water environments. Technical expert in petroleum engineering with demonstrated adeptness in operating diverse M/LWD tools in changing environments. Possess effective leadership skills, able to effectively supervise individuals from various backgrounds and motivate them toward achievement of project goals by providing the necessary training and support. Highly logical, with strong problem-solving and analytical skills; capable of coming up with innovative and effective solutions to ensure project completion and continuous process improvements. Culturally sensitive, accustomed to working and living abroad and dealing appropriately with culturally diverse groups of different nationalities. Display professionalism, strong work ethic, and integrity in completing tasks and ensuring safety of employees. Customer-oriented, with excellent communication skills, able to listen attentively to gather client requirements and relay to management and staff to produce quality work. Fluent in Dutch (mother tongue), English, and German; with some notions of Portuguese.


  • Drilling Technology
  • Drilling and Well Management
  • Well Technology
  • Geo Operations
  • Mechanical Technology
  • Rotating Equipment
  • Riser Technology
  • Operations, Project Work, Recruiting, People Management, Employee Representation, Business Systems Integration, Finance


Senior Field Engineer (M/LWD), Drilling and Measurements
EFGH LTD.| Novabrsk, Russia/Baku, Azerbaijan/Stavanger, Norway/Macae, Brazil | 2016-Present

Supervise engineers and specialists, as well as manage the training and development of measurement trainees at the well site. Keep the drilling crew well-informed on various operational requirements; monitor their daily performance and progress of the project, communicating to the management various operational needs and issues. Troubleshoot and address all problems that occur within a 16-hour shift, making sure that the provision of only high level service at all times. Ensure strict compliance and maintenance of all safety training requirements at the well site as well as adherence to all HSE, quality, and IT standards. Manage and complete all pre-job and post-job support at the well and in the base, handling all kinds of offshore installations, including drillships, semisub, jackup, and TLP. Lead rig-up and rig-down operations, preparation of all MWD and LWD tools, and LWD log generation and delivery at the well site. Aid the R&M technicians in the repair and checking of MWD/LWD/DD tools. Provide assistance to clients by helping out in conducting D&M services at the well site. Prepare documentation reports, including end of well and final client data delivery. Perform quality check of the logging data and ensure that clients’ satisfaction with the data they get.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Successfully completed all operations in changing environments, especially requested by clients to work on high tier projects with over $500K/day operation costs, including land jobs in Siberia, land and offshore jobs in Azerbaijan, and offshore jobs in Norway and Brazil.
  • Ensured zero safety-related accidents throughout tenure.
  • Instrumental in the conduct and completion of failure investigations that led to operational improvements.

Key Projects:

Offshore Drilling Brazil, Petrobras/OGX/Repsol: 2018

  • Drilled in the Campos, Santos basins offshore Brazil; handled deepwater challenging projects in the presalts as well as other various well-type exploration, injection, placement, production both in vertical and horizontal profiles.

Offshore Drilling Norway, StatOil/Shell: 2017

  • Drilled various wells in the Norwegian North Sea managing rigs/platforms that included Heidrun, Kvitebjorn, Sleipner B, and Leiv Eiriksson.

Onshore Drilling Azerbaijan, Karasu/Absheron: 2016

  • Drilled multiple sidetracks.
  • Rigged up the surface system and prepared for drilling sidetrack.

Offshore Drilling Azerbaijan, LukOil: 2016

  • Drilled pilot hole and a sidetrack in the Caspian Sea.

Onshore Drilling Siberia Russia, IPM-Sibneft: 2016

  • Drilled an horizontal well in Siberia: 2016


Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering: 2007 | UNIVERSITY OF ABC, Delft, The Netherlands
Project Research: Experimental Study on Clogging Processes in Spherical Flow Geometry in Water Production Wells

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering: 2010| CDE College, Rijswijk, The Netherlands
Project: 3D Modeling and Finite Element Analysis of a Lightweight Aeroplane (Dutch Aeroplane Company)


Offshore Work (Survival and QHSE Courses) | Deepwater | Radiation Worker L2C1 | Crane Operator


Ansys 5.6 | Ideal | Survey Toolbox | AutoCAD | GeoFrame | Eclipse | SAP | Microsoft Office | Matlab
Visual Basic | DOS | MaxWell | HSPM | Adobe | Windows | Linux


Co-Author, Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) paper
Experimental Investigation of Clogging Processes in Sandy Aquifers near Water Supply Wells, using X-ray Chromatography (2006)

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