Eight Basic Ingredients of a Balanced Life

Work life balance

Being workaholic isn’t good. It affects not just your body but your lifestyle, social relationships, and pursuits, too. Below is a list of the eight basic components of a balanced life.

Work life balance

1. Family

Find time to bond with your parents, siblings, children, or relatives when you get home, even if you’re too tired. Your family doesn’t just make you happy but loves you without doubt and supports your undertakings. Be with them often.

2. Partner in life

One drawback of compulsive working is you forget your love life. While building a family is not a requirement, having someone special around you in old age is helpful. Meet with a potential life partner if you are alone and lonesome.

3. Friends

Your neighbors, former classmates, office colleagues, and personal acquaintances can make a good circle of friends. They can help you unwind after a stressful day at work. Watch a movie, play badminton, or ride a roller coaster with them.

4. Charity

Treat less fortunate people right by giving back to a worthwhile campaign or project. More than giving you a great feeling, a kind act can improve other people’s lives for the better.

5. Self-improvement

Pamper yourself when you have the time and financial resources. Buy a book, shirt, perfume, dumbbell, or whatever you want. You deserve a fine dining experience, perfect haircut, full-body massage, and pleasant sleep.

6. Personal growth

Improve or expand your skills to broaden your horizons and achieve growth. With accessible resources online, you can learn new know how quick by watching tutorial videos and/or learning other languages. You grow as you learn interesting skills.

7. Healthy lifestyle

If you are a workaholic, you may eat every so often while working. The worse thing is you are susceptible to consuming harmful foods. Shift to a healthy diet and eat nutritious foods. Likewise, you can take a walk, hit the gym, and do physical exercises.

8. Adventure

Reward yourself at least once a month or twice a quarter by making your spare time exciting and full of fun as you hike or do extreme sports. While leaving your comfort zone may be risky, you will gain rewards as you discover your potentials. In addition, the experience will expose you to reality and improve your skills.

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