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Highly skilled and results-oriented investment manager, offering extensive years of experience and expertise in managing equity portfolios within global markets, including United States of America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East markets; complemented with excellent skills in portfolio management as well as asset allocation and risk management of equity portfolios. Exemplify strong background in conducting security analysis, trading equity and index exchange traded options, coordinating collateral requirements risks and constructing and developing financial and derivatives models. Thrive at achieving organizational set goals by applying logical approach in problem solving. Demonstrate capabilities in directing multiple and diverse teams as well as streamlining processes for organizational advancement. Bilingual in English and Arabic.

Competitive Advantages:

  • Asset Management: Display expertise in establishing and managing public funds and proprietary portfolios as well as high net worth client’s portfolios; expertly perform portfolio selection and asset allocation. Possess intensive knowledge of risk management, security and sector analyses, along with accounting and auditing procedures for asset management.
  • Derivatives and Financial Modeling: Offer and deliver conventional derivatives trading strategies, derivative modeling and risk measures such as VaR measure and other conventional stress testing methods, specifically for equity portfolios, options, equity swaps and futures. Employ modern portfolio theory, dynamic hedging and market neutral strategies. Expert in collateral management for derivative instruments.


  • Asset Management
  • Risk Management
  • Corporate Communications
  • Strategic Planning
  • International Negotiations
  • Relationship Establishment
  • Process Improvement and Development
  • Problem Identification and Resolution


Senior Manager, International Hedge Funds and Derivatives

  • Formulate and develop strategic budgeting and planning initiatives, in collaboration with the higher management, to improve the performance and profitability of the department.
  • Established and headed the team of Al-Tahawut Hedge Fund, a public single manager hedge fund launched in July of 2004, which invests in major U.S. indices adopting a market neutral strategy using short-term exchange traded options and futures, producing low correlation to equity benchmarks; and seek to gain profit from opportunities from changes in volatility and time decay.
  • Assume full responsibility in managing the company’s international proprietary equity investments, to include equity portfolio, derivatives portfolio, equity swaps, company’s investments in hedge funds, structured products and fixed income portfolios.
  • Initiate the development of new products and improvement of existing ones.

Fund Manager, International Securities

  • Instituted the NIC derivatives trading desk, including the establishment and cultivation of counter-party relationships with leading international investment banks; construction of internal infrastructure for back-office and settlement operations; streamlining of accounting procedures for trading vanilla equities and equity derivative instruments, as well as the full procedure and guidelines to analyze and select equity investments; along with determination and application of proper software infrastructure for the international equity and equity derivative desk.
  • Expertly formulated and executed model-based strategies for NIC proprietary book, including managing L/S portfolio and trading volatility.
  • Designed and developed a model-based option market neutral strategy on major U.S. indices for NIC proprietary book; substantiated the model software and all related modules; and imposed risk management measures.
  • Rendered expert support and advice on equity investment strategies to both potential and existing clients.
  • Coordinated the risk exposure of the global equity and derivatives proprietary portfolio.
  • Monitored and studied the daily activities of the macroeconomic environment, specific company news and political issues affecting the equity markets, both directly and indirectly.


Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering: 2008
University of MNO, Miami, FL, USA


Vice Chairman, National Gate for Computer Systems Co., Kuwait
Unlisted Kuwaiti Shareholding Company with Capital of $5.5M

Board Member, First Energy Resources Company (FERCO), Kuwait
Unlisted Kuwaiti Shareholding Company with Capital of $180M


Top Speaker: Hedge Fund World Conference, Dubai, UAE: 2013
Presented Al-Tahawut Hedge Fund, which was established in 2012 as the first publicly managed in-house hedge fund in the Middle East


Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook)
Software Designing: Visual Basic and .NET Technology – Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
Database Development: MS SQL Server
Programming: Bloomberg API

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