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Highly accomplished lead-level Information Technology Analyst with more than 20 years of extensive experience. Full knowledge of Informational Technical Consultation and Computer Systems Analysis gained from servicing private and government agencies –Hewlett Packard, Department of Energy, U.S. Air Force, and U.S. Navy. Demonstrate effectiveness in all aspects of customer service level agreements (SLAs) and organizational operating level agreements (OLAs.) Possess sound judgment and decision-making skills gained from experience in managing quality of service, abandonment rate, average speed to answer, time service factor, first call resolution, and uptime; exemplary leadership in handling critical customer projects becoming an essential asset to the company. Possess solid interpersonal and organizational team collaboration skills with effective leadership, inspiration and training abilities.


  • Computer System Analysis
  • Computer Engineering
  • Technical Computing
  • IT Program Management
  • Applications Programming
  • Project Analysis
  • Team Management
  • Communications/Interpersonal Relations


Xyz Laboratory | (Albuquerque, NM)
Computer System Analyst│Supervisor | Technical Lead, Infrastructure Computing | Oct 2013 – Jul 2018

Successfully directed the entire project lifecycle from development, integration, to production. The modification to the critical Infrastructure Computing Environment was a phenomenal success. Turned the initial staggering project into a high-performing computing environment and enhanced Sandia National Laboratory’s mission; the infrastructure became staple from the past 15 plus years. Ensured achievement of all service level agreements (SLA’s) and systems development life cycles (SDLC) in compliance with the SNL and DOE requirements.

  • Interfaced with customers regarding IT service management (ITSM)
  • Performed tasks through utilizing all UNIX/Linux systems that relate to financials, PeopleSoft, data warehouse, general purpose, and e-business suites; these programs contributed in the success of Sandia National Laboratory and Department of Energy
  • Evaluated and executed new concepts (hardware and software) that enhance the infrastructure environment.
  • Worked collaboratively with the Enterprise System Governance Team (hardware and software) in overseeing laboratory functions and reported to chief information officer
  • Led the storage architecture group and disaster recovery team
  • Maintained constant coordination with database administrators and e-business teams
  • Successfully integrated Oracle Enterprise Linux for the Oracle R12 e-business suite
  • Partnered closely with vendors and provided communication on current/future projects
  • Conducted disaster recovery for New Mexico to New Mexico and New Mexico to California
  • Supervised the contractual maintenance support

Xyz Laboratory | (Albuquerque, NM)
Senior System Analyst│Team and Technical Lead for ASCI RED Super Computer | Oct 2013-Aug 2018

Managed the primary Super Computer system which composed of 10K Intel CPU’s and private interconnect communication. The system was utilized by tri-laboratories, NASA, and other organizations.

  • Served as information security officer
  • Designed and maintained security plan being the information system security officer
  • Directed a team of junior analyst and produced a well balanced team of parallel system engineers
  • Increased the level of system statistics of MTBI after software and system paging layout
  • Diligently resolved issues and ensured work 24/7 hour support
  • Implemented system enhancement procedures that increased stability of the system
  • Managed the system fully to improve automated processes

Qrs Company | (Albuquerque, NM)
Computer Analyst│Corporate Computer Security│Engineering Sciences  | Jun 2005-Jun 2008

  • Provided support in managing all aspects of Tri-Lab Distributed Computing Environment
  • Collaborated with a team to enhance the Distributed File System
  • Modified storage layout; acquired and tested integrated new systems
  • Assumed responsibility in overseeing workload on recovery applications processes
  • Properly documented installation procedures for numerous platforms
  • Served as member of the lead and system users technical support group
  • Administered field system users and replacement
  • Established invoice-reconciliation program that resulted in capturing vendor overcharges

Qrs Company | (Albuquerque, NM)
Computer Analyst | Team and Lead Integrator | ICADS | Jun 2005-Jun 2008

Played an integral role in the development, testing, and integration of new vendor product (SUN) from older generation systems (Digital) in a timely and professional manner. The newly designed Computing Infrastructure was utilized for a United States Air Force project.

  • Heightened the level of service availability and customer support
  • Worked collaboratively with team and vendors to design and test next generation deliverable
  • Created and implemented systems for application development and delivered systems
  • Modified performance system maintenance programming
  • Articulated and documented computer system procedure specifications and user manuals
  • Developed and managed programming of tracking system that determined more cost-effective transportation routes
  • Led the integration of a modern Tape Archival system


Mission Research | City, State
Junior Engineer | Information Technology Lead | May 2004-Jun 2005

Tuv Laboratory, Air Force Base | City, State
Technical Support for Applied Micro-Electronics Department and Missiles Division | Aug 1998-May 2004

Rst Company | Albuquerque, NM
(Security) | Sep 1996-Aug 1998

United States Navy | City, State
Gunners Mate Second Class | Nov 2002-Sep 2006


Master of Science in Computer Information Systems (2008)
ABC University –Albuquerque, NM

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science/Earth and Planetary Science (2004)
ABC University –Albuquerque, NM


Member, Project Management Institute (2018)
Q Clearance, Department of Energy (present)


Honorable Discharge, United States Navy (1996)
Expeditionary Medal, United States Navy (1995)
Expedition Medal, United States Armed Forces (1995)
Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, (United States Navy,)
Meritorious Unit Commendation, United States Coast Guard (1993)
Sailor of the Quarter/Runner-up Sailor of the Year, (USS Schofield FFG3) (1994)
Sailor of the Year Nominee, (COMDESRON SEVEN) (1994)
Certificate of Achievement, United States Air Force (2003)
Outstanding Accomplishment Award, Compaq (2006)
National Laboratory Institutional Cluster Project Award, HP / Sandia (2007)
National Laboratory ASCI Red Super Computer Project, HP / Sandia (2011)
2005 DOE Security Audit, Sandia (2013)
National Laboratory Employee Recognition Awards, Sandia (2014)
Disaster Recovery Project-Livermore Deployment, (Sandia,) (2015)
End to End Virtualization Team, (Sandia,) (2017)
Corporate UNIX/Database Infrastructure Stability, (Sandia,) (2017)


  • Assisted in various community affairs for the hungry, homeless, and children
  • Involved in the board that setup the first Latin Dance Festival in New Mexico in 2018
  • Active member of the Albuquerque Young Professionals, The Albuquerque Artcrawlers, Albuquerque SEO, New Mexico Outdoor Photography, and Roadrunner food bank


SUN (Solaris, OpenSolaris), IBM (AIX), HP (HP-UX, Linux, True 64), SGI (IRIX), TFLOP (OSF), Red Hat / Centos / SUSE Linux / OEL / BSD, i386 – ia64 ( Microsoft ), Oracle Enterprise Linux, Brocade, Netapps, DAT/NAT Storage

Programming Languages Shell Scripting ( sh, csh, bash, ksh ), C, C++, Perl, awk, nawk,HTML 4 & 5 with CSS

CLI, TUI, and GUI interfaces on numerous COTS products, PCTools, Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) / Attack Surface Analyzer / SDL Threat Modeling Tool, Office Suite, Adobe, PCNFS, F-secure, Cygwin, Visio, Project, VMware, Oracle Virtual Box, Proficient in all aspects of the UNIX/Linux operating systems, BMC Action Request System (ARS), HP OpenView, Disaster Recovery Solutions: Brocade, Legato, Acronis, Ignite

SANS 564.1, TCP/IP Packet Analysis, TCP Dump, WireShark, Firewalls

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