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Highly capable, detail-oriented, and seasoned professional, with more than 10 years of combined management, research, and teaching experience in molecular biology. Demonstrate excellent leadership skills and the ability to promote a cohesive team work environment and motivate members to perform their best in completing tasks. Proven track record in effectively handling multiple projects simultaneously, taking full responsibility and initiative to deliver quality results on time. Equipped with well-honed interpersonal and communication abilities; capable of giving credit to others and dealing effectively with individuals from different backgrounds. Reputed for exceeding expectations in conducting research and managing projects, utilizing critical problem solving skills and keen attention to details to produce effective outputs. Fluent in English and Chinese languages. Proficient in Mac OS and Windows 7/XP; MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint); as well as Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Banner, and Moodle.


Doctor of Philosophy in Molecular Biology: 2011 | ABC University▪ Amherst, MA
Bachelor of Science in Microbiology: 2003| CDE  University ▪ Shanghai, China
Recipient, Best Graduate Award  Recipient, Ren Min Scholarship (2003)

BRUGIA MALAYI ANNOTATION JAMBOREE | The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR): 2012


  • Coordinated efforts to establish credibility of and promote CMB (Center for Molecular Biology) from ground zero that is now a well-known research center; organized five successful college undergraduate life research symposiums with hundreds of participants in 2016.
  • Took part in initiation of an internship supporting Smith undergraduates who are interested in teaching Science to high school students, which was positively reported on Smith News and local newspaper GazetteNet and inspired high school teachers to make the internship an annual event.
  • Led successful molecular biology summer workshops, receiving extremely positive feedback from participants, workshop director, faculty members, and laboratory team members, which reduced annual purchasing cost by up to 50% and gained total reagent value of more than $100K; led the successful negotiation with vendors that yielded donations amounting to $60K.



  • Provided expert supervision and direction to ensure smooth operations of the Molecular Biology facility center for the science community.
    • Developed, trained, and led team members toward productivity and completion of high quality, time critical projects, as well as prioritization and delegation of tasks ensuring all projects were done on time.
    • Offered molecular biology consulting and related expertise to faculty, staff, and students.
    • Managed a portfolio worth up to $300K and oversaw more than 20 pieces of molecular biology equipment.
    • Organized and facilitated Molecular Biology seminars and directed outreach programs to K-12 teachers and students.
  • Wrote grant proposals, recruited interns, as well as conducted training for undergraduate students for a three-day PTC taster laboratory teaching 150 students at a local high school for each term.
  • Organized and administered the laboratory part of for-profit, 2-week intensive workshops to train researchers on the basics of genomics, genetics, molecular biology, and bioinformatics.
    • Supervised and directed various aspects of the workshop, including advertising and promotion, experiment planning, budgeting, designing, and production.
    • Ensured that all business, financial, and customer demands were met by providing necessary support to laboratory team.


  • Rendered participated in the conduct of the filarial parasite genome project.
    • Performed microarray and quantitative RT-PCT analyses to outline gene expression of the filarial parasite, Brugia malayi.
    • Optimized the method of genomic and cDNA library construction from limited filarial parasite materials Onchocerca volvulus and B. malayi.
    • Characterized the collagen gene family in O. volvulus and B. malayi at the genomic, transcriptomic, and protein levels.
    • Facilitated the annotation of the B. malayi genome.
  • Conducted physical mapping of chromosomes IV and VII of the rice species Oryza sativa for the rice genome project; contributed to copper ion regulation project in the yeast species Saccharomyces cerevisiae. 


  • Rendered technical support and made recommendations to the manufactures that generated Molecular Biology teaching kit products associated with “Laboratory Investigations in Molecular Biology” by Williams, Slatko, and McCarrey in 2007.
  • Facilitated workshops and lectures on molecular biology technology, including topics on DNA sequencing, real-time PCR, microarray, RNAi, and bioinformatics.
  • Offered consultation services and training for faculty and students involved in research regarding molecular biology aspects.
  • Discussed and shared relevant molecular biology techniques to more than 1000 participants, which were selected worldwide from versatile backgrounds, including Ph.D./M.D. research scientists, marketing managers, engineers, investment bankers, and patent lawyers.



Center for Molecular Biology, IJK College ▪ Northampton, MA, USA
Director | 2013–2018
J-Term Science Teaching Internship, IJK College ▪ Northampton, MA, USA
Co-Director | 2016–2018
New England Biolabs/American Analytical: Ipswich, MA, USA
Consultant | 2014–2015
New England Biolabs Molecular Biology Summer Workshops ▪ Northampton, MA, USA
Laboratory Director | 2012–2014


Department of Molecular Biology, IJK College ▪ Northampton, MA, USA
Research Associate | 2018
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow/Project Leader | 2011–2012
National Center for Genome Research ▪ Shanghai, China
Research Assistant | 2005–2011
Research Assistant | 2003–2005
The State Key Laboratory of Genetics Engineering, CDE University ▪ Shanghai, China
Research Assistant | 2001–2003


Center for Molecular Biology, IJK College ▪ Northampton, MA
Instrumentation & Technique Instructor | 2013–2018
Department of Biological Sciences, IJK College ▪ Northampton, MA
Laboratory Instructor, Cell, Physiology and Development Biology Laboratory | 2016–2018
Laboratory Co-Instructor, Eukaryotic Molecular Biology Laboratory | 2012–2013
New England Biolabs Molecular Biology Summer Workshops ▪ Northampton, MA, USA
Laboratory Instructor, Molecular Biology Laboratory | 2008–2013
IJK College, ABC University ▪ Amherst, MA
Teaching Assistant, Biochemistry I: Biochemical Structure & Function | Biochemistry & Molecular Biology | 2007–2008


Certificate of GeneSpring Software Application Level I & II | Silicon Genetics ▪ New York: 2011
Certificate of Achievement | Department of Science and Technology Colby Information Center of Science and Culture ▪ USA: 2005


Sigma Xi: 2000–Present
American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH): 2008–2016
New England Association of Parasitology (NEAP): 2003–2008
The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS): 2009–2011

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