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  • Licensed Marriage, Family, and Child Therapist #49736
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Trained
  • Certified Massachusetts School Social Worker/Adjustment Counselor (PK-12) #416826
  • Certified Rhode Island School Social Worker/Adjustment Counselor (PK-12) #2260
  • Violence Prevention and Intervention, USNY
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Professional, FAPAA & EAPA


Holliston Youth and Family Services, HIJ High School, Holliston, MA

  • Provided individual, family, and group therapy in school-based and outpatient settings to clients having a broad spectrum of issues including anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, eating disorders, grief and trauma, substance abuse, and family system dysfunction. Utilized several modalities when working with this population and their families.
  • Facilitated a weekly girls group and co-ed drop-in group, and additionally participated in co-therapy, student support teams, special education team meetings, DCFS team meetings, and guidance department student development meetings.
  • Developed Individualized Education Plan (IEP) goals, treatment plans, and psychosocial assessments.
  • Collaborated with Massachusetts Department of Social Services workers, community health care providers, law enforcement, impatient facilities, and school department personnel.
  • Attended monthly staff enhancement workshops for both the High School and HY&FS.
  • Maintained all grant correspondence as well as school, legal, state, and family service required paperwork.

Children’s Aid Society, PINS Diversion Program, Bronx, NY

  • Directed orientation and intake interviews with the adolescents and families referred to the Designated Assessment Service Program for social, emotional and behavioral issues; managed case distribution and served as liaison to the Department of Children’s Services and Probation.
  • Supervised case planners and case aids while managing non-compliant and unsuccessful families.
  • Completed referrals, mandated reports, and incident reports; compiled and updated program statistical data; and reviewed and evaluated cases for state audits.
  • Provided clinical case consultations during intake.

DEF Family Services Association, Fall River, MA

  • Provided treatment to clients dealing with Axis I, Axis II, and co-morbid diagnostic issues; as well as to individuals, families and couples managing severe psychosocial and environmental stressors in schools, home-based, and in the community-based treatment center.
  • Conducted diagnostic assessments, intake evaluations, treatment plans, treatment outcome program (TOP) reports, termination summaries, quarterly client improvement reviews, and all state and facility required paperwork.
  • Prepared referrals, mandated reports, mental status examinations, and facilitated third party billing.
  • Worked in conjunction with health care providers, school department personnel, Massachusetts Department of Social Services, criminal justice system, social security and local support agencies.
  • Created the Individual Education Plans (IEP) and Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) and facilitated IEP and FBA meetings.
  • Advocated for client civil liberties and assembled resources and support services for clients.
  • Made significant contributions to the Family Service ADHD Task Force.

FGH University Counseling Center, Culver City, CA

  • Provided individual, family, and couples therapy in a non-profit university-supported counseling center that served the local community.
  • Compiled and secured the documentation of assessments, treatment plans, intake evaluations, progress notes, termination reviews including all State and agency required documents.
  • Completed referrals, mental status examinations, mandated reports and consulted with essential collateral supports.
  • Attended monthly knowledge and skill enhancing trainings and seminars.

Marriage and Family Therapist Intern | Jan 2013-Jul 2013
HIJ School K-8, Outreach Concern, Silverlake, CA

  • Provided individual and group therapy to students as well as family treatment in a school-based treatment configuration.
  • Completed diagnostic assessments, treatment plans, referrals, mandated and statistical reports, and process notes.
  • Facilitated crises intervention, in-school mediation, grief and trauma counseling, and worked with school staff on gang and violence prevention services.
  • Conferred with the law enforcement, school department faculty and staff, Department of Child and Family Services, and local assistance organizations.


Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology: 2011-2013
JKL University, Los Angeles, CA

Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies: 1998-2002
LMN University, Boston, MA
Graduated cum laude


Aggression and Violence in Youth
Understanding and Treating Self Injury
Medical Aspects of Eating Disorder
Differentiating ADHD and Bi-Polar in Adolescents
Working with Younger Children and Families who have Experienced Relational Trauma
Character Development Within a Hostile Environment
Assessing and Treating Urban Male Adolescents and their Families
Adolescent Development/Dynamics/Assessment and the Parent-Teen Relationship
Clinical Practice with Adolescent Females Promoting Emotional Wellness in Young Children and Families: A Relational Perspective

Understanding and Treatment of Anxiety Disorders
Theory and Techniques of EMDR
Assessing Domestic Violence
Treatment for Clients with HIV
Spiritual Psychology
History of Psychoanalysis
Mental Status Examination
Clinical Hypnosis, Applications to the Practice of Psychotherapy
Gestalt Therapy
Trauma and Substance Abuse for Children and Adults
Bi-Polar and Dual Diagnosis
PTSD & Substance Abuse, Treating Co morbid Conditions
Trends in Psychopharmacology
Working with Panic Disorder
Cultural Competency Training
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy – Tx PTSD
Anger Control for Clients of All Ages
Assessing Families Coping with Terminal Illness and Bereavement
Dynamics of Supervision


Member, California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
Member, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists
Member, EMDR International Association

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