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Well-accomplished inventor and master craftsman with more than 25 years of successful design, development, and fabrication experience within the Themed Entertainment Industry. Recognized as the industry’s leading audio Animatronics plastic expert and innovator of various build philosophies with regards to plastic design and fabrication of audio animatronics; having expertise through years of hands on fabrication and various well-funded research in Walt Disney Imagineering and other accomplished Themed Entertainment companies. A successful businessman and manager, with outstanding organizational and technical skills; able to effectively manage all aspects of plastics and integration operations, including staff and facility assessment, processes assessment, development, design, production, vendor management, and client engagements. Experienced in doing consultancy and management work in Asia, equipped with strong interpersonal skills, capable of dealing effectively with culturally diverse individuals at all professional levels.


Model, Tool, and Props Fabrication
Animatronics Figure Plastics
Design, Prototyping and Fabrication
Costume Plastics Design, Prototyping and Fabrication
Materials and Product Development
Figure Finishing, Installations and Maintenance
Project Management
Business Development
Leadership and Supervision
Vendor Liaison


Company ABC, North Hollywood, CA

Oversee and direct all aspects of operations of a full-service facility that offers custom plastic design and fabrication. Handle all client engagements, including planning and job estimation as well as build philosophy with client partners. Provide expert direction and fabrication services to major themed entertainment company’s maintenance organizations.

  • Hired by Artistry Entertainment to provide consultancy and management over local plastics and sculpting vendors for the rehabilitation of the Sinbad Ride in Seoul, Korea.
  • Served as owner’s representative/vendor liaison for Garner Holt Productions out sourced plastics production for the Madagascar Ride in Singapore’s Universal Studios.
  • Continually leveraged by Walt Disney Imagineering’s AD&P division to manage through fulfillment technically challenging, high profile, project specific, plastic builds that require mechanical consideration and integration.

Production and Development Principal
Company CDE, North Hollywood, CA

Plastics Production: Managed through design, fabrication, and integration the plastics for audio figures, animated props and costume plastics. Handled production estimation and resource acquisition as well as crew supervision and development. Represented department as part of a multi discipline production team, updating and collaborating to effectively navigate through multiple and simultaneous project cycles.

  • Effectively negotiated with vendors on outsource service needs to ensure maximized budget return while developing a cost effective build philosophy tailored to the vendors’ strengths and needs.

Materials Development and Integration: Conducted a well-funded research to develop methodologies that enhance audio animatronics and animated crops through testing and repurposing of existing materials and applying them in wholly new and inventive ways.

  • Invented two new skin systems – both tailored to the demands and expectations of the Themed Entertainment Industry – which have proven to be robust and long lasting and have been adopted and implemented by the R&D division of Walt Disney Imagineering as well as other non-Disney Themed Entertainment companies.
  • Well-versed in the requirements and rules of the Air Quality Management District, the governing entity that dictates that use of materials and how they can be applied and disposed of.
  • Supervised the conduct of research in replacement of materials when the AQMD regulations eliminate a product or resource already in play during production and or for maintenance/sustain-meant issues.
  • Represented Walt Disney Imagineering as a service representative to the Disney Parks and Resorts and the Show Quality Standards group. Working within their constraints to address post installation sustainment issues.


  • Recognized as the industry pioneer to cast fasteners into skins during the fabrication process, producing a longer-lasting and easy-to-maintain product and revolutionizing skin design and integration facet of audio animatronics that led to a decade of creative and ingenious designs that has changed the way skinned characters were fabricated (Pre-Disney).
  • Conceptualized and co-developed a new approach in producing large, full-skinned audio animatronics figures, creating the dinosaur skin systems, 35 feet in length and 15 feet tall, used in the Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.
  • Invented a pioneering approach for actuating face skins for both caricatured figures as well as human figures, enabling unlimited achievements to whatever specific faces or expressions desired.
  • Co-developed a skin system for the cobra snake figure in “Aladdin’s Magic Lamp Theater,” a pioneering and successful approach in skin system design by using a computer, achieving vertical/horizontal rotation in the skin that had previously been unattainable.
  • Recognized as the first-ever WDI Principal Plastics Technician relied upon to produce a show character, successfully producing a hybrid audio animatronics, marionette, a three-dimensional figure sculpted on a moving armature Atlantian figure for the Journey to the Center of the Earth in the Tokyo Disney Seas theme park in Japan.
  • Successfully produced the first large-scale furred audio animatronics figure, “The Yeti” for Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Expedition Everest ride, with its shells designed wholly in the computer.


Figure Finishing Department Manager
Company EFG, Valencia, CA
1997-1998, 1999-2002




Member, Themed Entertainment Association
Member, High Desert Sempe (Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering)


Spot Bonus Award for Figure Design of Flick and Hopper Characters, Walt Disney Imagineering: 2006
Figure Design Award for the Flick and Hopper Plastics Design and Fabrication, Themed Entertainment Association: 2007
Figure Design Award for Forbidden Mountain Yeti, Themed Entertainment Association: 2015
Figure Design and Fabrication Award for Finding Nemo Ride/Submarine Ride at Disneyland, Themed Entertainment Association: 2016

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