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Hands-on and seasoned management professional, offering unyielding expertise in serving as a model in adhering to instructions, procedures, and established standards. Self-starter and decisive in controlling work operations and accomplishing an adequate quantity of work. Globally experienced with extensive exposure to eight different countries, further honing skills to adapt quickly in ever-changing, fiercely competitive, and high-volume settings. A natural leader, with skills demonstrated through effectual management, staff development, and process optimization. Equipped with the ability to motivate individuals in delivering bottom-line results and committing to service excellence. Possessing remedial knowledge in Spanish, French, and Romanian languages. Also proficient with Microsoft Office Suite and Microsoft OneNote, with a typing skill of 132 words per minute.


Operational Streamlining
Organizational Growth
Team and Division Leadership
Budget Control
Relationship Cultivation
Performance Evaluation and Development
Strategic Planning and Execution
Conflict Resolution


UNITED STATES NAVY (Army and Air Force), Classified Location
Command Liaison Non-Commissioned Officer (LNO), 2017-2018

Served as a liaison for command in interacting with individuals to provide expert oversight in all embark operations in support of Operation New Dawn and Operation Enduring Freedom. Assisted in order to facilitate strategic activities in and around the area of operations (AO) implementing mission readiness and troop details. Delegated 14 to 48 troops in and around AO on a weekly basis in support of operational movement.


  • Assigned command expeditor responsibilities in developing the speed and quality assurance for all requested goods, parts, and services provided in support of Operation New Don and Operation Enduring Freedom.
  • Garnered the Command Advancement Program Award and the Seabee Combat Warfare Pin through demonstration of exemplary performance.
  • Displayed unsurpassed leadership in sponsoring personal command with more than $1.8M worth of mission essential supplies as the DOD Certified Government Purchase Card Holder.
  • Obtained three GCPC (Government Commercial Purchase Cards) each has a limit of $250K renewing monthly leading to a total budget of $6M roughly at the end of the current year.
  • Purchased and shipped more than $980K in goods and supplies requested to Afghanistan.

Detail Supply Officer, Constanta Romania, 2016-2017

Served as Central Tool Room (CTR) Officer, responsible for monitoring the inventory, upkeep, and issuance of up to $8K worth of tools and equipment. Functioned as Automotive Repair Parts (ARP) Manager; supervised full spectrum in the inventory and maintenance of parts and tools worth more than $400, ensuring upkeep and quality vehicles for use in adjacent missions.


  • Managed the Material Liaison Office (MLO) and handled the provision of construction material worth more than $2K for the construction crew.
  • Lead the dispersal, transportation, and finance of more than 23,000 separate boxes and letters sent globally.


Logistics Specialist “A” School, Meridian, MS, 2016
DOD CON 237 Simplified Acquisition Procedures
DOD Simplified Acquisition Procedures CLC005 Section 888
CLG001 DOD Purchase Card Training
Annual Ethics Training
Certificates in Postal Management and Financial Management
Trainings in Weapons Fundamentals, Military Tactics, Troop Leading Procedures, Urban Warfare
Skills Training, DOD Acquisition Skills, Postal System Training, and Concealed Weapons Fundamentals

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