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Quality Assurance Processes | Strategic Planning and Analysis | Leadership and Team Building | Legal and Regulatory Compliance | Customer and Personal Service | Cross-cultural Communication | Production and Operations | Vendor Relationships | General Management | Technical Acumen


Highly dynamic, detail and results-oriented QA specialist, with broad-based experience and hands-on skills in successful development and implementation of product launches, quality assurance measures and project documentation. Highly enthusiastic to proactively apply all quality tools, manufacturing and business background within the operations planning setting and all fields of endeavors.

  • Established a reputation for delivering high quality work on time, managing a broad range of responsibilities and striving under pressure.
  • Proactive and flexible team player, with strong outstanding interpersonal, collaboration and problem-solving skills; excellent communication and presentation skills; along with proven ability to work on numerous projects and activities simultaneously.
  • Exemplify unsurpassed personal commitment to continual improvement as well as highest level of professional standards.


Production Planning

  • Served as planner for a new and struggling body care line, resulting to achievement of six stock keeping units (SKU) across four different forms.
  • Successfully administered the launch of Fantasies Restage, which garnered 5.5 million worth of units with a 100% OTC for all the splashes across 28 SKUs.
  • Discussed high-profile launch updates as well as production status with Mast Global Leadership during weekly ERM meetings.

Brand Management

  • Pinpointed to take over sub-brands of a colleague, maintaining a 96% OTC and delivering 11.2 million units. Worked on own sub brands and took on the colleague’s launches and replenishment SKUs of Garden Lotions, which is the second highest SKU volume after the splashes.
  • Contributed in the successful development of the biggest sub-brand for Victoria’s Secret (Garden), working on the splashes with the highest volume of item in the VS line, as well as other sub-brands smaller in volume but more complex due to the nature of the components and filling requirements, which included the Sexy Hair line.

Growth and Development Impacts

  • Achieved cost savings of $190,000 by lowering costs for labor/overhead by $0.12 per unit.
  • Generated 94% OTC for the launch that focused on releasing 2 million units.

Vendor Relations and Negotiation

  • Utilized ability to find, attract and win new and outside clients, as well as nurture and retain internal and existing ones, which resulted in building and maintaining loyal customer relationships built on trust, communications and professional approach with key clients as follow:
    • QA personnel, product developers and vendors
    • International and domestic vendors for components.
    • International logistics group
    • Bottle and business manufacturers

Quality Assurance

  • Rendered support to Super Model EDP and Bare Bronze Mist launches, addressing multiple quality issues and concerns in a timely manner, thereby obtaining clients’ trust.
  • Coordinated with Artube and SGD in identifying repeated issues and implementing corrective actions, enhancing the overall quality of components.
  • Supported the SGD audit to guarantee the implementation of proper corrective actions for future productions.

Project Management

  • Pioneered Excel spreadsheet creation utilized in conjunction with OPTIVA, tracking ingredient information for new ingredients and awaiting approval.
  • Authored comprehensive procedures for the establishment of OPTIVA Food and Beverage Application, providing extensive support throughout ingredient list update to spearhead the ingredient approval process.


Company ab&cd, New York, NY

  • Led the planning and coordination of new development launches and replenishment items.
  • Spearhead end-to-end process for five separate sub-brands totaling over 125 SKUs, including regular business item and WIPs that go into the gift sets. Coordinate with three different customers such as the brand, the international group and the catalogue division.
  • Collaborate with a cross-functional team, which include R&D, Creative, Marketing and Packaging in establishing and launching new products from concept to execution, ensuring timing, quantity and COG targets achievements for the entire launches.
  • Devise and create quality risk assessments for new project launches.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams and suppliers in distinguishing risk and risk mitigation strategies.
  • Efficiently troubleshoot quality defects at suppliers and coordinate in resolving outstanding issues.
  • Accurately monitor vendor’s compliance with quality assurance requirements as well as established procedures.
  • Administer new vendors on the company’s quality assurance requirements.
  • Engage in the first production operations and product rework as required.
  • Participate in in-house meetings for discussion of project coordination and new launch criteria.
  • Facilitate product acceptability.


Company ab&cd, New York, NY
Consistently leveraged continuous end-to-end quality support for new product launches and replenishment.

Company Ef&Gh, Norwalk, CT
Administered support procedures for ingredient specifications and ingredient approval process within OPTIVA software.

Company Ij&Kl, Schenectady, NY
Rendered laboratory analysis, quality control and project reporting for vitamin and mineral analysis to meet AOAC and FDA regulatory requirements.


XYZ University, Stony Brook, NY


Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
Integrated Product Management System (IPMS)
OPTIVA | SAP | Lotus Notes 6.5

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