Paraoptometric Resume Examples

Health Professions Network states that paraoptometrics help optometrists provide their “highest level of vision care to patients.” They serve as extension of optometrists by assuming both routine and technical aspects of vision care services. Therefore, paraoptometric resume examples need to reflect those duties.

What are their duties? They take charge of desk support; they bill and code insurance claims; and they schedule patients. As needed, a certified paraoptometric technician might do clinical duties under the guidance of an optometrist.

As for the income, it depends on the scale and location of the practice. PayScale pegs the certified paraoptometric assistant salary to be worth $31,848. Meanwhile, an average paraoptometric takes home $35,000 each year.

Paraoptometric resume examples should reflect a paraoptometric’s wide-ranging job functions

What and What Not to Include on Paraoptometric Resume Examples

You might be a certified paraoptometric technician. You might even have a strong track record. But if your resume isn’t done right, you might not get the job. Take note that the resume needs to focus only on your related jobs, and not to detail those that aren’t.

Check out the paraoptometric resume template below to give you an idea on how to present your jobs and duties.

Paraoptometric Resume Sample

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Paraoptometric | Optical Assistant/Technician


Thorough and skilled Paraoptometric with qualifications in preliminary testing and various special testing procedures utilized in the optometric examination. Committed to providing a sensitive and caring approach to patient care, along with the ability to work cooperatively with all members of the vision care team. Proficient with MaximEyes, an electronic health records software.


Certified Paraoptometric (CPO)
American Red Cross Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
American Red Cross First Aid


Company ABC, Hot Springs, SD

  • Executed preliminary testing and patient data collection prior to physician exam
  • Recorded and documented patient Current Health Status, Medical History, Chief Complaint, Visual Acuities, Pinhole Acuities, Stereo and Color Vision, Measured Blood Pressure and IOP with tono-pen, and instilled eye drops
  • Captured Fundus Photos and Auto Refractor readings
  • Conducted diagnostic imaging for patients and suspects with glaucoma and retinal disorders
  • Expertly utilized special testing instruments and obtained and analyzed results for the HRT, Visual Fields, BFA, Pachometer, OPTOS, and Auto Refractor/Keratometer
  • Prepared and compiled testing data for physician to review and assumed scribing duties
  • Adaptable in keeping efficient patient flow regarding clinic time, procedures, and triage
  • Patient and compassionate serving challenging patients
  • Leveraged skills in hygienic and sterilization room procedures
  • Maintained, calibrated and updated instruments including scheduled maintenance records
  • Experienced in contact lens management with I&R, patient education, ordering, dispensing, and inventory
  • Provided assistance in limited lensometry
  • Worked directly with sales representatives and ordering products for the practice
  • Performed administrative duties of scheduling appointments, handling phone calls, entering welcome forms, accepting payments, and filing

BCD Pharmacy, Hot Springs, SD

  • Assumed accountability for general bookkeeping
  • Compiled corporate financial statements
  • Processed patient medical claims
  • Addressed and assessed patients concerns and requests
  • Prepared medications under the direction of a pharmacist

BCD Pharmacy, Hot Springs, SD
BOOKKEEPER | 2011-Present

Company DEF, Valentine, NE
TAX PRO 1 | 2017-2018

Company DEF, Hot Springs, SD
TAX PRO 1 | 2012-2015

GHI Communications, Englewood, CO


Associate of Science in Airline and Travel, Minor in Business Management
Hij College, Rapid City, SD

Good paraoptometric resume examples are those that focus on the related jobs and key licenses and certificates

What Makes Paraoptometric Resume Examples Effective

Let’s review the certified paraoptometric resume above. What makes paraoptometric resume samples effective?

It has a strong summary profile.

The sample above goes straight to the point and tells what the job seeker brings to the table. The section states both the applicant’s technical skills and his commitment to provide the best patient care. Similarly, your resume should be able to do the same.

It uses the right format.

Paraoptometric resume examples need the right format to gear the focus properly to the field. The sample uses a targeted format, focusing on the relevant work history instead. Then, it placed the tax and bookkeeping jobs under the ‘other experience’ section.

It orders the sections the right way.

The certified paraoptometric resume contains other jobs not related to the target field. This means that some credentials, such as education and some training, might not apply to the position. Then again, there might be related licenses. If so, place them where the reader can see them right away. Here, the ‘Certified Paraoptometric’ credential is highlighted before the related jobs.

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