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Manufacturing | Total Quality Management | Business Management Strategies | People Development


Accomplished and detailed professional, with over six-year proven track record of providing astute broad-based manufacturing and management experience, combined with extraordinary results in academe and trainings. Possess thorough understanding of value stream mapping, kaizen events and human relations, with the ability to create new organizations, spearhead change, and execute innovative, sustainable initiatives. Highly effective leader; physically fit to meet the demands of the industry. Bilingual; fluent in English and Japanese. Fully committed about continuous improvement and exploring new opportunities within professional excellence, with an aptitude for addressing cultural diversity.

  • Exhibit in-depth expertise in various lean principles, such as the 5S, Kanban systems, pull systems, poka yoke (mistake proofing), jidoka (build quality in), and people development and coaching.
  • Demonstrate wide-ranging and working knowledge of PDCA method of problem solving, A3 strategic planning and project management, Six Sigma, and the three elements of standard work on the shop floor (takt time, standard sequence, and standard WIP).
  • Accurate and highly ethical in all work related projects, contributing immediately to corporate financial goals and objectives.


Innovative leader in the energy industry, delivering high performance products and superior customer service.

Production Control Supervisor | 2010-Present

Streamline the hiring and performance reviews for the department, including the progress of all team members, maintaining a coaching program for their continual development.

  • Supervise a team of production control specialists, responsible for setting all finished goods inventory levels for the plant; manage accurate scheduling of ship dates for all incoming orders for the plant, with around 150 separate line items daily, each requiring a unique ship date.
  • Provide best lead time in the industry for customers while maintaining a minimal calculated inventory; take into account voice of the customer as well as the best interests of the plant.
  • Perform six sigma statistical techniques on a weekly basis; regularly conduct tours for customers and parent company management.
  • Administer and optimize the setting of the plant’s finished goods inventory levels, with around 400 active part numbers.
  • Collaborate across the entire value stream to devise a level build plan for the plant weekly, using customer order history, current usage, and available forecast.
  • Determine and assess value and improve gaps in all key performance metrics.


  • Established PDCA project that reduced overproduction of finished goods by 50%.
  • Drove delivery improvement to 2nd largest customer from 45% to 75% on time with the aid of the PDCA project.
  • Master-planned 50% reduction in missed shipments as part of a high level delivery strategy team through improvements made to the just-in-time replenishment system, with the aid of Six Sigma implementation to accurately calculate the floor cell capacity.

Production Manufacturing Cell Supervisor | 2009-2010

Carried out key tasks to ensure five missions of the worksite (quality, cost, delivery, safety, and morale) were improved and in adherence to company objectives and continuous cellular flow improvement.

  • Spearheaded the production cell responsible for outputting quality parts to ensure customer demand, in conformance with takt time schedule.
  • Assisted in hiring and coaching employees as well as in developing and enforcing company policies; ensured a lean culture of continuous improvement, turning employees into problem solvers using the PDCA method.
  • Eliminated stock-outs to customers; led yearly reviews and paid raises.


  • Attained approximately 40% sustained improvement in productivity over the first year.
  • Worked with process improvement team and cut overall cost per part by 30% through a reduction in lapping diamond used per part.

Assembly Department Supervisor | 2007-2009

Took full accountability in employee development, coaching, hiring, and enforcing of company policies, with an area supplying components for up to seven different cells, requiring meeting strict takt time schedule.

  • Headed a crew of 30 or more people with 3 shifts, in the area that run 24 hours a day and 5 days a week.
  • Integrated separate cells through working with the manufacturing floor to disperse process throughout the facility, which eliminated the need for an assembly department while creating flow throughout the plant.


  • Implemented strategies that eliminated the need for the department through a well-coordinated distribution of the process throughout the plant; streamlined the flow and cut lead times for the customer.
  • Played an integral role for realizing daily worksite improvements of 80% per employee.
  • Substantially reduced stock-outs to customers by more than 50% through multiple PDCA projects.

CPM/Salt Room Team Leader | 2005-2007

Successfully became the first tier leadership on the floor within the trenches.

  • Maintained three shifts running 24 hours a day, utilizing quality components that meet strict specifications; oversaw around 10 people.
  • Directed the day-to-day operations of three shifts as the direct report to the department supervisor.


  • Pioneered and established a simple pull system, resulting in 50% reduction in inventory.
  • Reduced scrap by 10% after consistent use of standard work.


UVW University, Orem, UT


Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training
Training Within Industry (TWI) Job Instruction Certified
Speed of Trust Training


Microsoft Office applications
Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
Adobe Photoshop | Minitab

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