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  • Resourceful, analytical, and well-organized environmental specialist, equipped with broad-based experience in federal and state storage tank regulations, applicability, and technical requirements. Apply technical expertise in adhering to regulations of petroleum/C-store operations. Possess extensive background in project management of petroleum remediation activities and UST system upgrades, along with administration of 400 retail stores across six states.
  • Thorough with a knack for developing and implementing environmental initiatives that consistently maintained 100% compliance at all regulated facilities. Offer in-depth knowledge of fuel dispensing systems, including design, layout, equipment, installation, troubleshooting, inspection, repair, and modification.
  • Reliably efficient professional capable of fostering productive relationship with state and federal regulators. Acquire proficiency in Windows XP, Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe 8.0, Visio, and CADD.


  • Federal EPA and State Environmental Compliance
  • Facility Operations Management
  • Project Development
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Procedures
  • Technical Administration and Support
  • Cost Containment
  • Unique Closing Techniques
  • Conflict Resolution


Environmental Compliance Manager | 2011-Present

Further developed and evolved the company’s environmental compliance program to ensure adherence to applicable regulations, industry standards, and manufacturer specifications, including UST and Stage I/II compliance, UST system upgrades and closures, spill response, remediation projects, Phase I and Phase II due diligence ESAs, wastewater discharge requirements, hazardous materials management, Storm water management, EPCRA Tier II reporting, gas guarantee, and other relevant activities.

  • Collaborated with corporate attorneys and environmental insurance providers in conferring corporate risk management objectives, remedial activities, and third party environmental damage claims
  • Mentored gas technicians on designated UST system operator requirements, inspection techniques, and compliance goals
  • Actively participated in various trainings, which include HAZMAT, HAZWOPER, SPCC, remediation technologies, as well as NACE, PEI, and API standards

COMPANY CDE, Jonesboro, AR
Environmental / Facility Manager | 2006-2010

Rendered hands-on leadership in directing a corporate environmental compliance program. Provided recommendations to executive officers concerning compliance matters, remediation activities, and other risk issues. Oversaw the entire lifecycle of capital intensive tank system upgrade projects. Adhered to UST compliance, remediation, and facility maintenance management. Led the execution of petroleum release investigation and remediation activities. Took charge of creating and
maintaining various reports, including project specifications, estimates, annual budgets, and proposals.

  • Accurately performed facility audits, securing full compliance with established regulations and UST technical standards
  • Managed several company maintenance technicians and independent contractors to ensure completion of required maintenance and repair services were within time and budget constraints

COMPANY FGH, Pompano Beach, FL
Technical Manager | 1996-2004

Supervised full spectrum in coordinating a technical marketing program to promote chemical-resistant coating and linings for aboveground and underground storage tank
corrosion protection. Designed and developed various corporate product bulletins, marketing literature, and technical specifications

  • Demonstrated proactive involvement in involvement UST industry regulatory legislation, rule-making, and industry committee to successfully evaluate evolving storage tank legislation
  • Led the implementation of classroom seminars and field training for qualified contractors


Bachelor of Science in Geology, ABC University, Long Beach, Long Beach, CA

ASTM E1527-05: Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments
ASTM D2699: Gasoline: Specifications, Testing, and Technology
Certified Underground Storage Tank (UST) System Operator, International Code Council ICC
Pennsylvania Class A&B Underground Storage Tank Operator
Virginia Class A/B Underground Storage Tank Operator
36-Hour Professional Course, Ohio Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations
Ohio Certified UST System Installation Contractor
LEPC Facility Coordinator Requirements-EPCRA/SARA Title III / PA Act 165
Certificate of Training-Stage I/II Vapor Recovery Systems
Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) System Training, OPW
Certified UST Corrosion Protection Tester
Land Recycling Program Client Workshop, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Best Practices for the Multi-Project Manager, American Management Association (AMA)


American Petroleum Institute (API)
Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI)
The National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE International)
UST Roundtable Group, Industry Best Practices Committee
Pennsylvania Council of Professional Geologists (PCPG)