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Highly analytical, diligent, hands-on, and results-driven professional, equipped with more than 10 years of experience and verifiable achievement in researching and analyzing investments, making investment decisions, managing client accounts and as well as collaborating with sophisticated clients. Equipped with extensive background in asset management, financial operations, investment procedures, and customer service. Capable of providing accurate analysis on public and private equities, macroeconomics, asset allocation, third-party managers (equity and debt), and alternative investments, combined with proven adeptness in developing workable investment strategies. Expert at establishing and cultivating long-term quality relationships with all levels of professionals toward attainment of corporate goals and objectives. Articulate communicator; conversant in English and Spanish languages.


Multi Asset Class Portfolio Management
Investment Analysis and Review
Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation
Large-Cap Equity Portfolio Management
Third-Party Manager Analysis
Account Strategy Execution
Customer Service and Relations
Decision Making and Problem Solving
Communication and Coordination
Leadership, Training, and Staff Development


BACHELOR OF ARTS IN BIOLOGY | HIJ University, Honolulu, HI | 2005


Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA)
Passed Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level 1 Exam


Vice President / Senior Portfolio Manager | 2014-2018
Abc Company, Honolulu, HI


  • Managed portfolios and provided assistance allocating assets and conducting research for the Bank of Hawaii, a publically traded regional bank; closely supervised $300M in high net worth and institutional investment capital.
  • Provided keen oversight in managing investment portfolios based on diverse asset-allocation and client-centric investment strategies.
  • Maximized superior management abilities in directing the healthcare and energy sectors for two proprietary, large-cap domestic equity models (3Q:06 – 1Q:10);
  • Contributed in the attainment and execution of 2015 and 2016 benchmarks while maintaining alignment with 2H:06 and 20009 benchmarks.
  • Sustained constant communication with co-managers on a weekly basis to confer and review changes in portfolios, as well as to propose investment ideas.
  • Research, analyzed, and provided recommendations on private equity principal investments for the Bank of Hawaii.
  • Proficiently conducted fundamental research and analysis on energy and healthcare sectors and companies; outlined and developed projections of company revenue, earnings, cash flow, balance sheets, and security valuation through development and application of forecasting models.
  • Studied and completed research on alternative investments in support to the bank’s nascent use of this asset class in portfolios.


  • Interfaced and regularly communicated with clients, discussing how the investment services of the Bank of Hawaii suited their unique circumstances; developed and proposed investment strategy to clients.
  • Organized and proactively facilitated internal meetings with trust officers, private bankers, and other client-facing personnel to deliberate and orchestrate appropriate investment strategy for clients.
  • Strategically identified client-centric required rates of return/asset allocation through creation and application of cash-flow and returns-based forecasting model.
  • Conceptualized and adopted innovative ideas in implementing investment strategy in the construction and management of client portfolios.
  • Developed internal and external communication materials to clearly identify the Bank of Hawaii’s market views and client portfolio positioning.
  • Supervised the completion of weekly economic and market recap for internal client-facing personnel.


  • Conducted macroeconomic research as a voting member of the Asset Allocation Committee; recommended strategic and tactical asset allocation for discretionary client portfolios.
  • Analyzed, discussed, and selected appropriate asset-class weightings for strategic asset allocation of discretionary accounts, as well as asset allocation changes in discretionary portfolios and asset-sub-class combinations for portfolio construction in modeled discretionary accounts.
  • Created models to project domestic unemployment, stress-test results of U.S. financial firms, and leading equity market indicators.
  • Expertly developed and applied model with economic drivers of EEM and EFA country fundamentals that facilitated smooth assessment of domestic/international overweights in asset allocation.


  • Functioned as Chairman of Manager Review Committee; strictly monitored, approved, and terminated third-party managers used in discretionary accounts.
  • Developed and enforced screening, monitoring, and divesting methodology for all third-party equity and fixed-income managers used in discretionary accounts.
  • Conferred and thoroughly analyzed incoming quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Organized and facilitated conference calls with third-party managers.
  • Displayed unsurpassed leadership by conducting bi-monthly meetings with committee to discuss and determine optimal mix of third-party managers used in discretionary accounts.
  • Handled and completed the presentation of manager review committee activities monthly to Investment Strategy Committee responsible in overseeing corporate investment policy.
  • Interfaced with third-party vendor contracted to aid in manager research.


    • Built and maintained long-term quality relationships with customers by administering their investment process, asset allocation strategies, and account performance reviews, which resulted in total customer satisfaction.
    • Spearheaded the development and execution of investment portfolios based on diverse asset-allocation and client-centric strategies.
    • Effectively functioned as Chairman of the Manager Review Committee; developed, enforced, and utilized screening and monitoring processes in discretionary accounts for the for third party managers to be used.

Analyst | 2012-2014
Stuv Company, New York, NY

  • Rendered efficient service in creating and presenting research reports on public medical device and biotechnology companies.
  • Performed and conducted fundamental analysis, financial modeling, and security valuation.
  • Administered the presentation of research coverage initiation reports and notes to sales and trading personnel.
  • Established and cultivated strong working relationship with clients by providing positive approach in discussing and publishing their reports.
  • Attended analyst conference calls with senior management of covered companies.


    • Served as major contributor in the successful augmentation of trading commission revenue through research coverage and arranging meetings between clients and senior management of covered companies.
    • Rendered outstanding customer service and satisfaction through timely distribution of research and trading ideas to institutional investor clients.
    • Completed research coverage to institutional clients of Sidoti & Company, LLC, which was considered as one of the nation’s largest independent, small-cap research institutions.

Securities Analyst | 2008-2011
Vwxy, New York, NY

  • Meticulously led the analysis and review of the financial services industry and 34 public companies in 5 sectors, including healthcare, technology, financial, industrial, and consumer discretionary.
  • Formulated, devised, and distributed more than 260 industry and company specific research reports in the Value Line Investment Survey.


    • Drove the attainment of business profitability, earnings, financial position, and cash flow projections, as well as security valuation through development of financial models.
    • Orchestrated the creation and completion of investment reports for the Value Line Investment Survey, which was recognized as one of the most widely distributed national periodicals for investment services.


DATABASE: Bloomberg, FactSet, Thomson One, and MPI Stylus
MICROSOFT OFFICE SUITE: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Access
OTHERS: Financial Modeling

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