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Highly-motivated and self-driven individual, offering more than four intensive years of expertise in the field of quantitative research, employing different research methods and data analyses and focusing on volunteer works with culturally diverse environment. Exemplifies strong background in leading all phases of quantitative research using strong analytical and econometric skills. Utilizes in-depth comprehension and skills in analysis of trade issues concerning international and regional trade. Thrives in demonstrating and presenting models employing econometrics with STATA. Demonstrates capabilities in directing multiple teams as well as coordinating projects within different locations simultaneously. Multilingual; fluent in Japanese, English and basic Swahili.


  • Research Development and Management
  • Leadership, Training, and Team Building
  • Problem Identification and Resolution
  • Organizational and Analytical Abilities
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • International Trade and Policies
  • Community Development
  • Economic Development
  • Agricultural Development
  • Econometric Modeling and Analysis


Master of Science in Agricultural Development Economics, Major in Agricultural Economics and Econometrics
XYZ University, United Kingdom: Aug 2018-Dec 2018
Master’s Thesis: Econometric and Policy Analysis of Maize Production towards Food Security in Zambia

  • Studied past trends of maize production with 42-year data of 9 variables collected from FAO STAT and the IMF website through time series econometric analysis, revealing important factors to improve productivity, such as fertilizer utilization.
  • Designed econometric models to investigate how production factors contribute to maize production.
  • Examined a regional trade of maize and preference of white maize in southern Africa.
  • Consulted and reviewed related literature, consist of 67 reports and books, resulting to determination of  constraints in an international trade of maize including but not limited to irrelevant trade policy by government, and collision between government and private sector for cooperation in trade.
  • Carefully analyzed the National Development Plan and the Agricultural Production Policy issued by the Zambian government to find solutions for improving maize production, and proposed prioritizing fertilizer utilization among several factors in increasing production.
  • Articulated a 96-page thesis with data collected for and results of econometric analysis, and a 15-page evaluation report on the Poverty Reduction Strategic Paper (PRSP) in Sierra Leone for a group assignment with my initiative, working with students from various countries.
  • Presented material with MS PowerPoint for thesis presentation.

Master of Economics, Major in International Trade and Poverty Reduction
ABC University, Saitama, Japan: Apr 2009-Mar 2011
Master’s Thesis: Quantitative Analysis of Agricultural Production and Income Generation among Small-Scale Farmers in Semi-Arid Lands in Kenya

  • Performed quantitative analysis with agricultural production data collected from the World Bank website, and proposed promotion of cultivation of fruits and flowers as cash crops for export to Europe in order to increase income of small-scale farmers in semi-arid lands in Kenya.
  • Studied and reviewed related literature, consist of 68 reports and books, and resulting to identification ofconstraints in an international trade in order to increase income of small-scale farmers through cash crop cultivation.
  • Carefully analyzed the Agricultural Development Policies implemented by the Kenyan government to investigate the solutions for improving living conditions of small-scale farmers.
  • Documented and submitted a 64-page thesis with data collected for and results of quantitative analysis.
  • Presented materials with MS PowerPoint for thesis presentation.

Bachelor of Physics, Major in Physical Cosmology and The Theory of Relativity
CDE University, Kyoto, Japan: Apr 2005-Mar 2009


Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Italy
FAO Volunteer | May 2018-Jun 2018

  • Studied and analyzed trends from 48-year rice and 59-year aquaculture production data collected from the FAO STAT, and projected their future trends up to 2018 in Ghana and Madagascar through time series econometric analysis.
  • Developed econometric models to project future production of rice and aquaculture.
  • Initiated methods and necessary data to be used for further analysis as well as formats of publications.
  • Documented a 45-page report at the end of the contract with data collected for econometric analysis.
  • Served the director of the division tasked to prepare and present documents for reporting achievements.


  • Exposed significant discrepancy between future projections and targets in the National Rice Development Strategy in Ghana and Madagascar through econometric analysis.

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Zambia
Coordinator for the Volunteer Program | Nov 2014-Jan 2016

  • Conducted analysis on the National Development Plan from Zambian government and the Country Assistance Program issued by the Japanese government to frame the volunteer work strategy.
  • Closely worked with authorities at various levels on development cooperation through volunteer program.
  • Coordinated with two Zambian and four Japanese staff as a team to support the work of 80 volunteers.
  • Initiated and enhanced quality of orientation process for newly recruited volunteers.
  • Prepared, articulated and submitted reports on volunteer program twice in two years.
  • Presented materials using Microsoft PowerPoint in various occasions.

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) * Tanzania
Rural Development Officer, Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV) | Apr 2011-Jul 2014

  • Handled quantitative research and data collection methods to 160 potential community development workers.
  • Solely evaluated lecture according to the results of a student survey in order to improve teaching ability.
  • Closely worked with six Tanzanian teachers for school duties.
  • Documented reports on volunteer activity five times in two years.


STATA and Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

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