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Technically sophisticated, competent, and innovative IT professional, with experience in business analysis, IT management, programming, enterprise architecture, business intelligence, and integration of enterprise applications. Adept at developing strategic enterprise initiatives through Agile project methodology as well as traditional Waterfall project management. Expert at directing successful IT projects and technical initiatives; competent at reducing costs, improving efficiency, and increasing productivity. Equipped with ability to lead, motivate, and coordinate technical teams and projects, complemented with proven expertise in planning and supervising installations and upgrades. Accustomed to working with end users to determine requirements, address their needs, and resolving issues quickly and efficiently.

 Areas of Expertise

  • Project Management and Operations
  • Internal System Integration
  • Service-Oriented Architecture
  • Strategic and Tactical Planning
  • Organizational Administration
  • Business Application Development
  • Object-Oriented Programming & Design
  • Team Building and Leadership
  • Outstanding Customer Relations
  • Problem Resolution and Decision Making

Professional Experience

United States Army Accessions Command, City, State
System Analyst | 2009–2011

  • Demonstrated expertise in establishing a highly productive Operations Division within the command to improve operations as well as implement policies and procedures within the IT Directorate
  • Led staff recruitment and training upon development of standard operating procedures
  • Presided over senior management business-level discussions and decisions, which involved business vision and strategy, enterprise-level decisions, standardization of best practices, and oversight of project governance
  • Oversaw administrative, legal, and financial functions for the directorate while working closely with senior leadership in other directorates to guarantee successful execution of business direction
  • Ensured thorough compliance with requirements while determining potential gaps in policies, procedures, and business processes by performing regular risk assessments and quality assurance reviews
  • Formulated strategies to efficiently improve non-performing divisions, reduce deficiencies, maximize productivity, and minimize unplanned outages
  • Provide project status updates to senior level staff detailing project status, potential project risk, and recommended mitigations Extensively utilized progressive knowledge and professional judgment to engage a wide range of policy and planning activities in several areas, including policy, strategic planning, standards development, infrastructure, budgeting, contract negotiations, project planning, and project scope
  • Coordinated and integrated project activities across directorates while briefing the director on project activities, resources, and milestones
  • Effectively performed feasibility analysis, cost effectiveness, and plan integration efforts into existing information management architecture in partnership with technical and functional staff
  • Served as knowledge management officer for the command, collaborating with senior leaders to  utilize SharePoint as knowledge management solution
  • Effectively worked as lead on several cutting-edge pilot projects, including iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry Torch, and Netbooks; as well as in the implementation and usage of social networking sites, including Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter within the command, as a marketing tool for accessions and for integration into

Significant Achievements:

    • Significantly decreased overhead and operating costs through staff reduction as well as technology improvements at the US Army All-American Bowl
    • Individually established 2 new technology-driven channels to enhance knowledge management throughout the organization, improving communication and access to critical information while ensuring adherence to Department of Defense (DoD) technology objectives
    • Planned and organized the contracting of workforce to establish a new operation center worth more than $1.5M; implemented project within half of the allocated time, and $400K under budget
    • Directed the Change Management Control Board to execute refinement of checks as well as balances of software deployments and server installations,

Hij Company, Louisville, KY
Enterprise Architect | 2008–2009

  • Assumed full responsibility in the efficient daily operations of a full-service branch office, which included customer service, change management, system integration, and problem resolution of clinical aspects of Fortune 100 healthcare company
  • Handled and performed budget development, workforce hiring, planning system integration, data migration, and retirement of existing software; ensured accuracy in accomplishing detailed data analysis to determine critical path of new development effort and to calculate return on investment
  • Coordinated information systems design, funding, and deployment of custom application and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications
  • Executed preparation of flowcharts and detailed computer program specifications, which permitted efficient use of automatic programming techniques as well as service routines and sub-routes
  • Employed evaluation methods and systems analysis techniques to perform resource utilization studies as well as to evaluate proposed commercial or contract software packages for micro- and mini-computers
  • Applied up-to-date knowledge in the application of analytical processes to the design, analysis, and implementation of new and improved information systems
  • evaluated technical requirements and performance of a wide range of existing, new, and proposed information management systems

Significant Achievements:

    • Successfully spearheaded the timely planning and delivery of multimillion-dollar software development project within budget
    • Significantly reduced IT infrastructure for the Clinical Division by 25% through elimination of non-profitable investments and restructuring of existing systems
    • Rewrote the T-SQL batch processing scripts to decrease batch processing times from, 28 hours down to 1.5 hours
    • Executed successful implementation of Biz-Talk MS Server to optimize workflow and data movement across the organization
    • Oversaw the preparation of detailed flowcharts, computer program specifications, and requirements documentation, which enabled evaluation of lack of cost-effectiveness of current clinical care application; successfully led analyses to a multimillion-dollar development effort consisting of 35 contractors and 25 new full-time employees

Stuv Company, Louisville, KY
Web Application Development Manager | 2005–2008

  • Administered and managed web application development branch of SHPS healthcare company
  • Transformed the application development, from legacy development  Conducted recruitment, hiring and training of personnel located throughout the US and overseas to establish the foundation of a new team; retrained existing employees and enforced new technologies and methodologies
  • Extensively used Agile methodologies to enhance speed to market
  • Employed  and developed a team of developers to administer additional enterprise technologies, such as single sign-on, service-oriented architecture (SOA), data warehousing, enterprise portals, and SharePoint

Significant Achievements:

    • Executed successful elimination of legacy software systems and integration into new portal solution, saving more than $2M worth of annual costs
    • Ensured accuracy in rewriting benefits enrollment processing application, which improved customer satisfaction and stability, along with reducing maintenance cost; significantly decreased man-hours required during open enrollment period by approximately 35%
    • Led the development of a new change management division, handling staff training and hiring to coordinate software releases, monitor system uptime, and troubleshoot server and network issues related to production, testing, and user-acceptance environments
    • Formed a team of 15 developers located in numerous locations throughout the US, India, and Britain; successfully transformed 3 main revenue-providing applications into newer, scalable, and marketable applications that increased revenue by 25%, including the addition of high-profile clients such as Goldman Sachs, US Army OPM, and Humana

Business Systems Developer,City, State
Freelance Application Developer and Computer Consultant | 2000–2005

  • Demonstrated extensive utilization of mainstream technologies, object-oriented design, UML, relational database modeling, use case scenarios, object maps, user stories, and project plans in developing and implementing business solutions in various industries
  • Successfully served as contractor for several different companies across several types of industries

 Technical Achievements

    • Played a major role in designing and developing an application model and relational database to store and process multimedia files and metadata for FBI to convert foreign media to text for English-based queries, such as VB.NET, ADO.NET, Oracle, text files, XML/XSLT, COM, and JavaScript
    • Successfully developed a multi-tiered survey application for Humana, creating surveys based on user input; and extensively utilized DTS, T-SQL, XML/XSLT/XSD, COM, ASP.NET, JavaScript, ADO.NET, and C#
    • Demonstrated proficiency in SQL, Crystal Reports, C#, ADO.NET, Windows Forms, and COM to develop juvenile court and foster care applications for Kentucky, while working for Administrative Office of the Courts
    • Effectively used SQL, VBA, VB, COM, C#, VB.NET, XML, Crystal Reports, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, JavaScript, and VBScript in the design and development of inmate management system for Lexington, Kentucky
    • Exemplified knowledge in developing world-class electronic data application for REGISTRAT in conformance with FDA-regulated standards through C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, SQL, XML/XSD, T-SQL, and DTS
    • Leveraged skills in working on major e-commerce site developments for, while developing child e-commerce sites for parent company; with each site slightly different and requiring multiple programming languages, such as Java, JavaScript, VB, VB.NET, C#, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, ASP, HTML, CSS, SQL, and Oracle

Education and Credentials

Bachelor of Business Administration | 2006–2008
XYZ University, Louisville, KY

Associate of Science in Computer Science | Diploma in PC Support | 2002–2004
XYZ University, Louisville, KY

Secret Security Clearance | 2009

Technical Proficiency

Microsoft Applications: Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Project
Team Foundation Server | Subversion | SQL | T-SQL | VBA | VB | C# | ASP.NET | XML | CSS | JavaScript
VB.NET | ADO.NET | PL/SQL | HTML | ASP | Visual Studio | SQL Analyzer | DTS – Not sure about this section

Military Experience

Government Civilian Service GS-13 | 2009–Present
United States Army Combat Veteran, Specialist, E-4, Honorable Discharge | 1996–2000
Special Disabled Veteran (40% disabled)

 Awards and Honors

Army Accommodation Medals (2) | Outstanding Performance Award for Civilian Service | Award for Excellence (2010)

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