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Highly motivated, dynamic, and avant-garde Art Director equipped with more than a decade of accomplishments in realizing company vision, initiating strategic initiatives, and providing high-impact, marketable fashion graphic design services that ensured total revenue growth. Exemplified proven success in diverse areas of training and development, business management, consulting, fashion design, and product development.

  • Known as strategic and goal-oriented leader, capable of motivating individuals and providing successful strategies to increase confidence, improve productivity, and achieve career growth
  • Self-starter and astute leader, able to spearhead a wide range of revenue-generating design projects, from conceptualization to successful launch
  • Possess strong knowledge of garments, trims, print, embellishments, mood boards, art direction, and textile design
  • Applied creative talents and expertise in conducting needs assessments while ensuring utmost client satisfaction
  • Displayed technical skills in using Windows / Mac Platform OS X, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Microsoft Excel, and Quark


Oribe * Nike * Adidas Basketball * K-mart * GAP Kids * An Original Penguin * K2 Snowboarding * 2k by Gingham * Converse * Lands’ End * Skate Mental * Dragon Optics *
Champion USA * Stüssy * DKNY Jeans International * Marc Ecko * C-Life * Roca Wear * Jimmy Jazz * Blue Marlin * Tank Theory * Jordache * Muhammad Ali * Antonio Azzuolo * Carnival Cruise Lines * G.V.G.V. * Lorinza * Express * Mavi Jeans * Eliot Lipp * XLR8R * Aéropostale


In-House Freelance Designer, Graphic Technical Design
Aeropostal, New York, New York
Aug 2018-Mar 2019

Partnered with the art director of both Women’s and Children’s PS1 teams in generating technical design of packages for overseas production. Drafted diagrams to illustrate appliqués, beading, and embroideries, as well as to scale garment flats, which were used for production and sizing placement.

  • Enhanced final samples through artwork separation and modification
  • Recommended the utilization of original watercolor typographical elements and other embellishments to improve product designs

Graphic artist, Calvin Klein, Inc.
Phillips-Van Heusen, New York, New York
Sep 2017-Mar 2019

Designed print graphics distributed to outlet, retail, and collection divisions. Ensured adherence to the brands’ inspirational direction in making men’s graphic for knits.

  • Provided recommendations on t-shirt treatments and special printing techniques

Senior Designer, Old Navy Men’s Apparel
Company OPQ, San Francisco, California
Sep 2013-Jan 2019

Working on and off site directly with Men’s Senior Art Director for over 5 years.

  • Rendered direct support to the Old Navy Design Team to enhance company’s image, which included creating paintings, collages, and other original works of art
  • Managed all copy-writing-related functions, from conceptualization, market research, outlining, to completion of final design for the production of cutting-edge clothing graphic designs
  • Led the successful re-branding effort that earned positive acknowledgment from the company’s CEO and President for surpassing all company expectations

Graphic Artist, Nike 6.0 Boys/Levi’s Boys
Haddad Brands, New York, New York
Feb 2018-Aug 2018

Creatively crafted neoteric graphics based on music trends, extreme sports, and typography. Built local and domestic production packages, which contained graphic placement, size, and embellishment information; led the dissemination of samples to factories for production.

  • Provided leading design in Boys Design Team for both Nike 6.0 and Levis Jeans
  • Produced original textiles and graphic designs for boy’s t-shirts and swimwear that were distributed to several retail chains, such as JC Penny’s, Zumiez, Kohl’s, Macy’s, and other specialty retailers
  • Performed trend forecasting and new idea conceptualization to support goal of strengthening brand awareness while maintaining integrity

Graphic Artist, Nike 6.0
Company WXYZ., Beaverton, Oregon
Sep 2016-Feb 2018

Designed and developed textiles and graphics for knits, hats, backpacks, and other soft goods, as well as SMUs packages for Pacific Sunwear, Zumiez, and other specialty.

  • Focused on targeting the extreme sports market by crafting attention-grabbing logo and type-based graphics
  • Researched and analyzed trends on extreme sports, urban art, and typography art; conveyed gathered information to the Design Team to deliver high level of quality

Graphic Artist
Company TUV, New York, New York
Mar 2017-Jan 2018

Conducted and presented Graphic Trend Analysis to US Office, as well as with company owner in Turkey. Consulted with Converse to efficiently construct customized shoe that were sold exclusively in Turkish markets.

  • Initiated and executed new direction of t-shirts branding for Mavi USA Men’s Print Program as opposed to fashionable t-shirt labels sold at Barney’s, Nordstrom, along with other specialty boutiques
  • Teamed up with the Domestic Team in modifying art direction and inspiration

Senior Designer, Men’s Apparel
Company QRS, New York, New York
Jan 2016-Dec 2016

  • Provided professional assistance in re-launching vintage ski wear brand to high-end department stores through generating a line of outwear and contemporary menswear cut and sewing knit and woven garments for the spring and fall 2008 line

Designer, Men’s Apparel
Company NOP, New York, New York

  • Worked closely with the owner and art director to visualize, gather information, and successfully generate men’s knit tops and woven jackets for youth-oriented, artist-based brand sold at Yellow Rat Bastard and Urban Outfitters

Graphic Artist
Company HIJ, New York, New York
Sep 2013-Jan 2014

  • Provided in-house freelance design for the Men’s Division of Express; constructed and developed contemporary graphics for men’s collection

Senior Designer,
Company KLM, New York, New York
Dec 2004-Dec 2005

Oversaw the design of an upscale men’s executive clothing designer, which included hiring and developing a production team, graphic artist, and merchandiser. Consulted with owners to supervise the full spectrum of line management, including shopping, trend research, trims, and designing cuts.

  • Presented creative concepts to various artists as outlined to trend research and market forecasting information, as well as attended fittings and picked the proper color palette for the line
  • Rendered direct supervision to the design of a high-end Italian line comprised of suits, blazers, sweaters, and fine shirts
  • Compiled significant details for production in Italy, including delivering technical packages, samples, and alterations


Junior Designer, Women’s Denim
Company EFG, Los Angeles, California

Graphic Artist
Company BCD, New York, New York

Art Director/Co-Owner
Company ABC, New York, New York

Art Director
Robert Lee Morris, New York, New York