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Air Traffic Control ▪ Process Improvement ▪ Time Management and Prioritization ▪ Decision-Making ▪ Strategic Planning and Implementation ▪ Aviation Maintenance and Operations ▪ Inspection and Modification

Qualifications Profile

Highly organized, versatile, and competent professional, with well-honed skills and comprehensive experience in the air traffic control field. Display effectiveness in providing and ensuring air safety and security as well as in handling safety measures and air traffic control base operations. Possess high-caliber management qualifications in developing and implementing effective strategies and plans. Exercise excellent leadership skills in directing and motivating individuals at all professional levels to achieve maximum potential toward attainment of organizational objectives. Exemplify flexibility and efficiency within stressful situations, along with big-picture vision and awareness to generate outstanding bottom-line results in order to achieve and surpass goals. Utilize multitasking abilities in juggling multiple priorities simultaneously within competitive, high-impact, and fast-paced environments.

Professional Experience

Air Traffic Control Watch Supervisor
Dec 2013-Apr 2018

  • Managed and controlled air traffic in Class B airspace
  • Worked well in dictating and following LOAs across four surrounding ATC facilities
  • Provided supervision to personnel in a class B facility with more than $70K in annual operations
  • Oversaw dual parallel runways during Red Flags generating more than 2,500 sorties; mission exercises; Thunderbird air shows, conventional air shows, and Las Vegas Motor Speedway operations with more than 900 daily helicopter operations during NASCAR events
  • Functioned effectively as assistant Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of Training for Nellis Air Force Base, administering the training and management for Nellis Tower and Nellis RAPCON
  • Carried out daily debriefs to more than 100 pilots during large force exercises
  • Played a lead role in controlling a wide array of airframes, including F-15s, F-16s, F-18s, F-22s, F-117s, A-10s, T-1s, T-37s, T-38s, B-1s, B-2s, B-52s, EA-6s, E-3s, E-8s, C-141s, C-130s, KC-135s, RC-135s, C-5s, B-747s, B-757s, HH-60s, civilian helicopters, and various foreign-based aircrafts
  • Skillfully operated and conducted functional evaluation of the entire associated tower and radar equipment, such as debrite, MEARTS, ASR-9, Cat II ILS, Flight Data System (FDS), and Automatic Terminal Information System (ATIS)
  • Efficiently served as a crew chief, supervising 21 personnel working in a control tower
  • Partook in the development and implementation of work schedules
  • Played a lead role in directing and training aspiring air traffic controllers to be fully qualified for the profession at the Air Forces 5th busiest air traffic control base (Home of the Red Flag)
  • Accomplished comprehensive evaluation and writing of initial, bi-annual, and annual performance reports on numerous military members

Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Systems Craftsman
Jul 2007-Dec 2013

  • Performed thorough bi-annual/annual periodic/phase inspections on C-130E/H, F-15, and F-16 airframes
  • Administered regular maintenance and troubleshooting of electrical and environmental systems on C-130E/H, F-15 C/D/E, and F-16 airframes
  • Accurately completed the interpretation of schematic diagrams
  • Expertly executed soldering, splicing techniques; pinning and de-pinning of wafer plugs and connector plugs; as well as removal, repair, and replacement of line replaceable units (LRU)
  • Functioned as backshop technician, utilizing knowledge in troubleshooting and modifying multiple line replaceable units, gaseous/liquid oxygen carts, and nitrogen carts
  • Provided effective training and supervision to numerous apprentice and journeyman-level technicians


Coursework toward degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology, Minor in Aerospace Science
127 Semester Hours, 2008-2014
ABC College of the Air Force, Little Rock Air Force Base, AR

Professional Development

Air Traffic Control Craftsman (Controller-in-Charge Training) | Mar 2016
Air Traffic Control Tower Apprentice | Nov 2013
Air Traffic Control Fundamentals | Sep 2013
Military Leadership School | Jan 2012
Electrical/Environmental Systems Craftsman Course | Nov 2011
Electrical/Environmental Systems Apprentice Course | Jan 2008

Control Tower Operator Certification | Feb 2015
Control Tower Watch Supervisor Certification | Aug 2017
Assistant Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of Air Traffic Control Training | Sep 2017

Awards and Honors

Airman of the Month (6)
Non-Commissioned Officer of the Month (2)
Professional of the Month, Quarter, and Year
Watch Supervisor of the Quarter

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