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Licenses: Professional Engineer in Texas
Area of Focus: Air Pollutant Dispersion Modeling/Regulatory Compliance
Industry: Oil and Gas


Results-driven, diligent, and highly accomplished professional, offering strong educational background and extensive knowledge in mechanisms of generation, emission, and transport of pollutants in the atmosphere. Earned extensive background in performing technical calculation and preparing successful Title V permit applications for Power Utility Facilities, complemented with successful track record in managing and array of large scale air pollution and multidicsplinary projects. Equipped with thorough familiarity in modelling software related to air pollution. Expert at running, testing, and calibrating air pollutant measurement technology, developing quality assurance measurement protocols, and operating instruments, including Particle Spectrometers (TSI Models 3936, 3321), Tapered Element Oscillating Microbalances (TEOM), dichotomous samplers, Harvard impactor, and passive particle sampling as well as continuous CO, NOx, BETX, and total hydrocarbon analysis, complemented with expertise in EPA standard methods. Proficient in massive data processing and multivariate statistical analysis, experiment design, and hypothesis testing highly relevant to air pollution problems such in source receptor modeling, and source apportionment. Comprehensive experience in recruiting, training, and managing technical staff and in developing and implementing quality assurance (QA) and standard operating protocols (SOP) for air pollutant measurement campaigns.

  • Well-versed in leading and training cross-functional team members while establishing long-term quality relationships with all levels of individuals and maintaining high ethical and quality standards, professional demeanor, and a cooperative attitude.
  • Regarded as the primary resource in the implementation of operational enhancement and management of challenging projects: able to align diverse culture with values and productivity objectives to contribute to organizational goals and objectives.
  • Effectively utilize analytical and systematical approach in problem solving along with excellent ability to identify needs and enhance efficiencies.
  • Display outstanding oral and written communication skills; bilingual in English and Spanish languages.


  • Environmental Remediation and Litigation Project
  • Environmental Improvement Programs
  • Technology Needs Assessment and Problem Resolution
  • Process and Productivity Improvement
  • Cost Control and Budget Implementation
  • Strong Mathematical Skills
  • Data Analysis and Research
  • Technical and Proposal Writing Skills
  • Leadership, Training, and Staff Motivation


ABC University, El Paso, TX

ABC University, El Paso, TX

CDE University, Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico


  • Professional Engineer License, Environmental Field, State of Texas (Possess all the requirements for license transfer to X State)
  • Grant Writing Training and Seminars
  • Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource for X-ray Absorption
  • Planning to take the examination to become a Register Environmental Manager in the National Registry of Environmental Professionals.


COMPANY XYZ, Washington, DC
Lead Scientific Consultant | 2017

  • Maintained ongoing and professional relationships with the CEO and influential environmental scientist Jane L. Delgado.
  • Spearheaded the creation and development of an exposure assessment protocol for the first public health study ever funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.
  • Applied dynamic leadership skills in providing effectual training to a set of volunteers from community-based centers on conducting accurate measurements focused on studying the exposure to air pollutants at several K-12 schools in Brooklyn, New York; Detroit, Michigan; Watsonville, California; and Brownsville, Texas.
  • Provided formal recommendation to the federal government regarding the preparation of school sitting and traffic regulations.

UVW RESEARCH LABORATORY, University of Texas, El Paso, TX
Doctoral Research Assistant | 2011-2013

  • Led study on hydrogen combustion and missile-related designs; primarily focused on designing computational fluid dynamics models to reduce the impact produced by an accidental release of cryogenic hydrogen fuel storage tanks. The study was funded by the Department of Defense.
  • Successfully maintained compliance with requisites of the U.S. EPA’s National Environmental Policy Act in carrying out Impact Assessment Studies for implications of proposed designs.
  • Applied various numerical methods in programming the C++ resolution for the governing equations of fluid dynamics (Navier-Stoke equations) for varying pollutant dispersion conditions.

Environmental Engineer / Project Manager | 2010-2012

  • Performed engineering consultancy primary to power-generating utility and the El Paso water utility during time of appointment.

Power Utility I:

  • Provided assistance to project manager in overseeing three Title V permits for the power utility in El Paso, Texas. Directly oversaw the emission calculation and pollutant dispersion modeling tasks as well as the writing and description of the corresponding permit sections. The USEPA compendium of emission factors (AP42) and a series of suggested models (e.g., ISCST3, ALOHA) were employed, respectively.
  • Designed and developed a residential home for an arid environment with innovative energy efficiency features and demonstrated efficiency by employing the DOE energy plus model.
  • Handled and estimated the emission reductions of criteria air pollutants associated with the energy efficient home and benchmarked against the average residential consumption over the previous years in El Paso. The project evaluated the alternative for achieving cost-effective NOx emission credits to comply with the Non-Attainment Review in Ozone Nonattainment Areas for a New (Modification) Source Air Permit.
  • Conducted thorough evaluation on the feasibility of transforming the entire vehicle fleet of the utility from gasoline to propane gas combustion to attain NOx and VOC emission offsets.
  • Implemented the EPA compendium of emission factors. Leveraged and effectively utilized in-depth knowledge of the EPA reference data, models, and analytical methods in performing emission calculations from data collected.
  • Proactively facilitated meetings and presentation to a client at the El Paso Electric Company to provide information about the products and services in response to customer’s needs / request.
  • Selected as the primary point of contact by the client; established and cultivated long-term quality relationships by addressing their needs and concerns in a prompt manner, resulting in total customer satisfaction and sudden increase of referrals and repeat business.

El Paso Water Utilities I:

  • Closely administered the evaluation of vulnerability assessment required after 9/11, resulting in improvement of water infrastructure that was vulnerable to terrorist threats.
  • Played a key role in designing and creating an emergency response plan as required by the emergency response for large water systems; responded to the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002.

Relevant Skills:

  • Highly capable of surpassing all expectations and rendering optimum level of service regardless of time constraints or special considerations.
  • Earned comprehensive project lead experience in handling full cycle implementation on time and within budget restriction, acquiring high levels of customer satisfaction and expanding organizational goals and objectives.
  • Exhibit excellent technical and analytical for modeling and emission calculation skills, combined with a track record of success and capacity in regulatory compliance in Title V and  Emergency response act.


Engineering Research Associate | 2013-Present

USEPA – Air quality characterization at an international port of entry, 134,862 USD | 2014-2016
BECC – PM emission reduction due to road paving, 10,00 USD | 2015-2016
NIH – Flow-through breath sample collection system, 250,000 USD | 2014-2016

  • Flow-through Breathing Sample Collection System
  • Aerosol Settling Chamber
  • Experimental Methodology

TTI – Diurnal variations of particle size distributions at a truck stop, 10,000 USD | 2014
NIH – Long-term regional PM10 and PM2.5 exposure assessment, 5,117,224 USD | 2013-2016

  • Deployment and Management of a Regional Ambient PM Monitoring Network
  • Indoor air quality monitoring
  • Definition of laboratory, field operation, and data management protocols
  • Data Quality Assurance
  • Temporal Variation Analysis
  • Land Use Regression Modeling

Student Engineering / Intern | 2006-2008

TCEQ – Modeling unpaved road PM emissions, 5,500 USD | 2008
TCEQ – Emission inventory for PM area sources, 10,000 USD | 2007
TCEQ – Low-emission traditional brick-making kiln, 75,000 USD |2006-2008

  • Structural Design of a Low-Emission Brick Kiln
  • Design of a Cost-Effective and Low-Emission Brick Kiln
  • Emission Reduction Efficiency of Cost-Effective Brick Kiln


  • 1st Place – International Test and Evaluation Association, Modeling and Simulation Conference, 2012
  • Recipient of  $65K Air Quality Competitive Research Stipend – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Air and Radiation, 2009-2013


  • Technical Member, Joint Advisory Committee for Air Quality in the Paso del Norte Region
  • Member, Air and Waste Management Association
  • Member, Chi Epsilon; Civil Engineers Honor Society
  • Member, Sigma-Xi, The Scientific Research Society
  • Reviewer, Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association
  • Reviewer, Journal of Hazardous Waste


Co-Founder, International Dominican Youth Movement
Civil Engineering Student / Volunteer, Build your own home program


C++ | AutoCAD | ArcMap GIS | StarCD (CFD modeling software) | SPSS (statistical software) | Mathematica/MATLAB (Mathematical programming software) | Microsoft Office Suite Microsoft Project/Merlin for Mac (Project Management Software)

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