Resume Examples

Dentist checking up client


Just like any other careers in the healthcare field, dentists are licensed to provide dental services and treatment to patients. They are expert at performing different dental procedures with the goal of preventing gum diseases, maintaining the cleanliness of our teeth, and addressing our oral health needs. If you’re planning to apply for a job

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Construction superintendent working on-site

Construction Superintendent

Construction management isn’t at all an easy feat. There needs to be leaders in charge to oversee quality control in the construction industry. This is where construction superintendents come in. Now that you’re reading this, you might be one of those hopefuls aspiring to make a difference in this field. If this is your cup

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Chief of police inside car

Chief of Police

In every city or municipality, chiefs of police play a vital role in keeping the public safe from harm and threats. Aside from overseeing the police department’s operations and activities, they are also accountable for protecting the lives and properties within their jurisdiction. If you’re planning to embark on a high-level career that promotes public

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Safety Manager

In the workplace, it’s the employer’s duty to provide their workers with a safe, clean, and conducive environment. Nonetheless, it goes without saying that apart from company safety, they must also focus on employee safety at all times. Safety teams, managers, and specialists help businesses in this aspect. If you want to create this kind

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Group of charge nurse are happy while working

Charge Nurse

Do you want to make a difference in the healthcare field by putting your leadership skills into action? A charge nurse role might just be for you! From performing the basic duties of a registered nurse (RN) to leading other nurses under your care, being a charge nurse sure is a feat and a fulfilling

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Group of happy and diverse volunteers

Administrative Assistant Non-Profit Organization

Administrative Assistant Non-Profit Resume Sample Complete Name Complete Address Phone # / Cell Phone # E-mail Address ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Area of Focus: University or Non-Profit Organization Detailed-oriented, reliable, and forward-thinking professional, with verifiable track record of accomplishing assigned duties by coordinating and building positive rapport with clients. Equipped with combined dynamic organizational skills and aptitude

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Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives (CSRs) hold one of the most in-demand yet challenging professions. This job does not only  entail good communication and persuasion skills but also a great deal of patience. Now, as many industries seek to employ more CSRs, we want to help every job hopeful to nail this post with a targeted application

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African American FBI agent sitting in front of computer monitors and screen

Federal Government IT Specialist

Are you working in the information technology (IT) industry, and planning to apply in the federal sector? Then you need to prepare a job-winning resume. Your experience with various programming languages and in-depth knowledge of diverse hardware and software should appear in your resume. Aside from this, your resume should be perfectly tailored to the

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